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Hands off Venezuela! All Out March 16 and March 30!

Statement by the Labor Fightback Network
The Labor Fightback Network firmly opposes attempts by the U.S. government and its allies to overthrow the elected government of Venezuela. Support for the aborted coup in 2002, economic embargo since, covert support for opposition forces and outright sabotage are acts of warfare against a sovereign nation. Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution continues to inspire millions throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. For that reason, and for its vast oil reserves, Venezuela sits in the crosshairs.
Successive U.S. administrations have sought to overthrow regimes throughout this hemisphere and around the globe that it found noncompliant with its drive for global hegemony and unsupportive of its economic interests. Never have any of these interventions led to true democracy or improved conditions for the vast majority of the people affected.
Venezuela is bordered by Colombia and Brazil, whose governments are closely aligned with the Trump Administration and present a military threat to that country. Colombia, the first NATO partner in Latin America, is one of the world’s worst repressors of workers’ and peasants’ movements. Brazil’s 17-member cabinet now has 13 generals, and its new president is widely described as a fascist.
The Canada Labour Congress, with 3 million members, has denounced Prime Minister Trudeau’s support for intervention in Venezuela, proclaiming: “The CLC vehemently rejects a militarized solution to this crisis; the people of Latin America have not forgotten the brutal history of military rule in the region.”
The San Francisco Labor Council has again denounced the U.S. campaign of regime change in Venezuela as “against the interests of the people of Venezuela, Latin America or the people of the United States,” and has endorsed the March 16 National March on the White House to say “Hands Off Venezuela, No War, No Sanctions, No Coup,” and the Hands Off Venezuela National Action on March 30 in DC and in the Bay Area on March 31.
We join with the San Francisco Labor Council in urging strong labor participation in these two antiwar actions. To help in this effort, we are including below an important statement issued by US Labor Against the War, a union-based coalition that has been instrumental in opposing the U.S. war against the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan and in pushing for labor rights in the region.
• Hands off Venezuela!
• Unite in opposition to U.S. government aims in Venezuela and globally!
• Stand up for the people of Venezuela on March 16 and March 30!

The labour movement against the escalation of the war

“We say NO to WAR”

42 persons of India’s para- military force, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), were killed in a suicide terror attack at Pulwama, Kashmir, on February 14, 2019. 100 companies of CRPF were moving in vehicles on a highway when a car laden with heavy explosives hit one of the buses killing 42 and injuring many.
Trade Union Solidarity Committee condemned this terrorist attack and joined all organisations and individuals in countries across the globe. Our sympathies are with the grief stricken families of those who lost lives and faced untold sufferings. Terror and unjust violence cannot find solutions to any issues.
In the two weeks since February 14 the region of India-Pakistan found heightened atmosphere of retaliatory actions and the escalation led to air strikes on February 26 within the international boundaries of the two nuclear weapon states. Calls for war were in the air.
Having experienced ill effects of war in the past saner voices wanted peace to prevail and resolution of conflicts without war. People around the world, in all countries and continents, expressed their zero tolerance to terrorism and wanted de-escalation of conflict between India and Pakistan.
Trade Union Solidarity Committee stands for peace and holds the view that a war would cause incalculable harm and damage to the working people, the poor and the marginalized in India and Pakistan and it would fetch huge dividends to a handful of corporate houses in
weapon business and their cronies in other fields as well.
We say NO to WAR. Terrorism must be fought by other means, diplomatic, economic and political.
N. Vasudevan
Convenor, Trade Union Solidarity Committee (Mumbai)

Venezuela | Stop Trump’s “Humanitarian” Intervention in Venezuela!

The Trump administration, with the complicity of governments and political leaders of all stripes, is stepping up its intervention in Venezuela, trampling upon this nation’s sovereignty and self-determination in the guise of so-called “humanitarian aid.”

Who can accept such hypocrisy!

Turkey | Conference on the Centenary of the Comintern: Anti-imperialist fury! Internationalist enthusiasm! Working class determination!

The conference titled “Centenary of the Communist International: From the Comintern to the World Party of the Future”, organized by the web network RedMed and the Christian Rakovsky Balkan Socialist Center and hosted by DIP (Revolutionary Workers Party),was held with a crowd filling Beyoglu Ses theater in an enthusiastic atmosphere. The conference brought together socialists from Argentina, Greece, Russia, France, Bulgaria, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Finland, Iran, and of course Turkey. HT Solar and Cargill workers left their marks at the very beginning of the conference.


Statement issued by 53 Brazilian unions and organizations, including the Workers Party (PT), the Trade Union Central (CUT), the Landless Peasants Movement (MST) and the National Student Union (UNE) — see full list below.

The organizations, movements and personalities that make up the Brazilian Committee for Peace in Venezuela defend the sovereignty and self-determination of peoples and that is why they are issuing this statement publicly: