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Mexico | Over 5,000 Women Attend Zapatista’s ‘Women in Struggle’ Summit

The First International Gathering of Politics, Art, Sport, and Culture for Women in Struggle is hosted exclusively by rebel women for rebel women.

Thousands of women from around the world attended a meeting in Zapatista territory Thursday to hold the “First International Gathering of Politics, Art, Sport, and Culture for Women in Struggle,” hosted by women of the National Liberation Zapatista Army in the southeastern mountains of Mexico.

UK | End British support to Kiev regime!

Anti-fascist campaigners returned to the streets of Whitehall in force last weekend in solidarity with the people of the Lugansk and Donetsk republics, and to call for an end to British military aid to the Kiev regime. Eighteen demonstrators including NCP leader Andy Brooks joined the picket opposite Downing Street called by the New Communist Party, Socialist Fight and the British Posadist movement, which was also supported by the British branch of the Communist Party of Italy and the Solidarity with the Anti-Fascist Resistance in Ukraine (SARU) campaign.

Ukraine and Donbass: Four years of solidarity and struggle

By Greg Butterfield

Based on a presentation given at a Workers World Party class in New York on Feb. 20, 2018.

Four years ago this week, a coup overthrew the elected government of Ukraine. The resulting war has cost more than 10,000 lives and immense hardships for the working people of Ukraine and the Donbass republics. But the anti-fascist resistance continues.

UK | National Day of Action for Ukraine in Britain

National Day of Action for Ukraine: No to Fascism! Solidarity with the Communists!
The Young Communist League has called a national day of action on 10 February 2018 in solidarity with the Communist Party and Komsomol of Ukraine against state oppression and the rehabilitation of fascism.

France | A Paris, en soutien aux communistes polonais : au nom de l’internationalisme prolétarien

par Jacques Kmieciak

« KPP, solidarité ! » « Kaczynski fasciste, vive le Parti communiste ! » « Elle est pourrie l’Union européenne qui bénit les fascistes et traque les communistes ! » Les slogans fusent. Il est 14h 30 ce samedi 27 janvier 2018 lorsque des dizaines de personnes manifestent devant l’ambassade de Pologne à Paris leur solidarité avec le Parti communiste polonais (Komunistyczna Partia polski / KPP) dont deux militants sont poursuivis par la justice polonaise.