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USA | Censorship in the Digital Age

The grand experiment with western democracy, badly listing thanks to broadsides from profiteering oligarchs, may finally run ashore on the rocks of thought crime. In the uneven Steven Spielberg project Minority Report, starring excitable scientologist Tom Cruise, Cruise plays a futuristic policeman who investigates pre-crimes and stops them before they happen. The police owe their ability to see the criminal plots developing to characters called pre-cognitives, or pre-cogs, kind of autistic prophets who see the future and lie sleeping in sterile pools of water inside the police department. Of course, it turns out that precogs can pre-visualize different futures, a hastily hidden flaw that threatens to jeopardize the profits of the pre-crime project. Here is the crux of the story: thought control is driven by a profit motive at bottom. As it turns out, just like real life.

Spain | Espagne: Rajoy et Puigdemont ont choisi l’épreuve de force, un affrontement criminel

Ce que nous avions prévu hélas se vérifie, le gouvernement de Marino Rajoy a choisi l’épreuve de force et l’exécutif catalan y voit l’occasion de renforcer son propre choix. Rajoy a pris samedi des mesures draconiennes pour empêcher la Catalogne de faire sécession, préparant la destitution de l’exécutif catalan de Carles Puigdemont, qui a dénoncé la « pire attaque » contre sa région depuis la dictature de Francisco Franco. Nul ne sait où la provocation de Rajoy mène et elle a toute chance de renforcer le camp indépendantiste en regroupant autour de lui ceux des catalans qui n’ont pas accepté au compromis monarchiste de 1978, héritage de Franco. Tout le monde sait à quel point le parti de Rajoy est l’héritier jamais désavoué de Franco.

USA | Silicon Valley is not your friend

Noam Cohen

President Trump Beats War Drums for Iran

President Trump has been notoriously inconsistent in his foreign policy. He campaigned on and won the presidency with promises to repair relations with Russia, pull out of no-win wars like Afghanistan, and end the failed US policy of nation-building overseas. Once in office he pursued policies exactly the opposite of what he campaigned on. Unfortunately Iran is one of the few areas where the president has been very consistent. And consistently wrong.

South Korea | Punishing a Nation: How the Trump Administration is waging a merciless economic war on North Korea

By Gregory Elich

Diplomacy never had a chance. It was not long after President Trump took office that he signed a directive establishing a North Korea policy based on overtly hostile measures. The Treasury Department was told to implement a series of sanctions against North Korea and those who traded with it. U.S. diplomats were instructed to exhort foreign officials in nearly every meeting to break off contacts with North Korea. That program has been accelerating in recent weeks, with far reaching consequences.