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Ukraine | SBU officer takes DPR side, intends to divulge secret documents

The acting high-ranking security official of Ukraine, Lieutenant-Colonel Roman Labusov, defected to the side of the Donetsk People’s Republic. He has stated this today at a press conference in Donetsk. Labusov was born in Donetsk, he worked at the SBU Directorate in the Donetsk region. Since 2014 he served in Mariupol.

Ukraine | Kiev-controlled forces increase activity at contact line in Donbas

On August 20 the Ukrainian forces launched 267 mortar rounds and shells on the territory of the Donetsk republic over the past 24 hours. “In the Donetsk direction, the enemy used artillery, tanks and mortars. Two projectiles with the caliber of 152-mm, 22 tank shells, nine projectiles of 122-mm caliber, 70 rounds of the caliber of 120-mm and 102 of the 82-mm caliber were fired at the settlements and adjacent areas,” the Vice-Commander of the Operational Command of the Republic Eduard Basurin said.

Ukraine | How Ukraine Reined In Its Militias

By Vera Mironova and Ekaterina Sergatskova

When the conflict in Ukraine began in early 2014, a disturbing number of armed groups—from looting gangs to militias with ties to European white supremacy movements—sprang up from the chaos. Although the role and origin of those pro-Ukrainian militias has been hotly debated, one thing is clear: several years after the start of the conflict, the Ukrainian government has managed to stifle the independent armed groups fighting on its side. Its success offers lessons for other countries attempting to demobilize populations after a war.

Ukraine | Terrorist attack in Lugansk

Today in the center of Lugansk, the capital of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic, there was an explosion near the Government House. A woman was wondered and died on her way to the hospital. She was the captain of the medical service of the LPR. A few more people were injured. According to preliminary data, a homemade explosive device was put into the garbage bin.
Half an hour later in the center of Lugansk, near the site of the previous explosion, a second explosion occurred. According to preliminary data, a car exploded 50 meters from the site of the first explosion. The authorities of the republic urged the townspeople to refrain from moving along the streets.
Special services of the neighboring Donetsk People’s Republic warned a few days before the explosions that the Kiev regime is preparing terrorist attacks in the Donbas to the G20 summit opening.

Ukraine | Russian citizen captured in Donbas

The Russian service of the BBC, referring to the statement of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said that the army controlled by Kiev allegedly had captured a Russian serviceman. Kiev sources assure that scout Viktor Ageyev, who was recruited in the Altai Territory and served under the contract, got into their hands. The alleged Russian was captured on June 24 in the area of ​​Zhelobok village of the Slavyanoserbsky district of the Lugansk region as a result of a clash of fighters of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade and the reconnaissance group of the 4th mechanized brigade of the 2nd Army Corps of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic.