Korean Americans Join Spring Action to End Wars at Home and Abroad

People across the U.S. mobilized on April 14-15 to demand an end to U.S. wars around the world. In dozens of cities, including New York, Oakland, Washington DC, and Atlanta, protesters rallied More »

Syria bombing protest erupts into RIOT as activists try to topple US President statue

By Rebecca Perring Greece: SYRIA bombing protesters clashed with riot police as demonstrations against the airstrike attack by US, UK and French forces saw furious activists try to pull down a statue More »

Armenian opposition continues the protests against ex-president becoming the new Prime Minister

For 5 days in row the opposition in Armenia holds mass protests against the ex-president, Serzh Sargsyan becoming the Prime Minister of the country. The protesters aim to close the roads around More »

Global Anti-war Protests Against US-led Aggression in Syria

Anti-war protesters marched in the U.S., India, Mexico, Chile, Turkey, Cyprus, the U.K. and other countries to condemn the U.S.-led attack on Syria. Leftists and anti-war protesters took to the streets in More »

Ukrainian Nazis in Kiev Disrupted a Red Army Commemoration Event & Attacked a Ukrainian MP

On April 13, Kiev residents came to the General Vatutin’s monument to lay flowers in his honor. General Vatutin liberated Kiev from the Nazis and was killed by Ukrainian fascists on April More »


France | Student Strikers Attacked; ‘fascist’ Dean Jailed

By Richard Greeman

firstly published on April 3

Not an April Fool’ joke. Here are the facts:

Four days ago, (March 29) the ultra-conservative Dean of the Montpellier University Law School was summoned to police headquarters, interrogated, hauled into court, and held over in jail for arraignment by the Chief Prosecutor – all on the complaint of nine student strikers, who claim to have been brutally assaulted with Dean Philippe Pétel’s active complicity while ‘occupying’ a school auditorium.

France | The tribunal on Turkish war crimes to start in Paris

A session of the Permanent Peoples Tribunal on Turkish war crimes against Kurdish people will be held in Paris’ Bourse du Travail on 15 and 16 March 2018.

Seven judges will examine an indictment served upon the Turkish State and its officials including Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and several military and intelligence officials.

France | A Paris, en soutien aux communistes polonais : au nom de l’internationalisme prolétarien

par Jacques Kmieciak

« KPP, solidarité ! » « Kaczynski fasciste, vive le Parti communiste ! » « Elle est pourrie l’Union européenne qui bénit les fascistes et traque les communistes ! » Les slogans fusent. Il est 14h 30 ce samedi 27 janvier 2018 lorsque des dizaines de personnes manifestent devant l’ambassade de Pologne à Paris leur solidarité avec le Parti communiste polonais (Komunistyczna Partia polski / KPP) dont deux militants sont poursuivis par la justice polonaise.

France | Le documentaire d’Oliver Stone « Ukraine on Fire », ou comment les États-Unis (et non la Russie) ont détruit l’Ukraine

Le documentaire phare d’Oliver Stone, Ukraine on Fire (l’Ukraine en feu), est enfin disponible en Occident.

L’Ukraine, cette « frontière » entre la Russie et l’Europe dite « civilisée », est à feu et à sang. Depuis des siècles, elle est au cœur d’une lutte acharnée entre certaines puissances qui cherchent à contrôler ce riche territoire et l’accès de la Russie à la Méditerranée.

France | Macron Given Not-So-Warm Welcome in Burkina Faso

During  a speech that some have called “paternalistic,” Macron told a student that she “owes” French soldiers in Burkina Faso “applause.”

When French President Emmanuel Macron’s delegation arrived in Burkina Faso this week, the president who has become known for making condescending remarks about Africa was given a not-so-warm welcome as protesters shouted “down with imperialism” and put up barricades and burning tires.

France |