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Ukraine | UN: an atmosphere of intimidation has been created in Ukraine

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has issued special review of human rights in Ukraine “Civic space and fundamental freedoms ahead of the presidential,  parliamentary and local elections in Ukraine in 2019-2020”. We reprint its most essential part here. Notes and paragraphs are given as they were numbered in the report.

Ukraine | Kiev regime continues to harass opposition journalists

On March 5, the SBU officers searched the apartment of the Kiev-based journalist Vladimir Skachko. Skachko is known for his publications, which are oppositional to the current Ukrainian government, notes “Strana” web-site. In addition, he is a frequent guest of Russian talk shows.

Ukraine | Human rights in Ukraine: general review

Human Right Watch has issued its annual report on human rights in the world.

The armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine between the Ukrainian government and Russia-backed armed groups entered its fifth year. “Total impunity for conflict-related abuses persisted in 2018. The government took further steps to restrict freedom of expression and association.” Violence by radical groups promoting hatred put ethnic minorities, LGBT people, activists, and journalists at risk, report ads.

Ukraine | The day of collective madness

On October 4, the Parliament of Ukraine adopted three scandalous decisions.

First of all, the greeting of the Ukrainian fascists was introduced in the Kiev-controlled army and police. Now senior military and police officers should greet their subordinates with the words “Glory to Ukraine!”, and those in response should say “Glory to the heroes!”. This greeting was used by the Ukrainian fascists during the Second World War. The proposal was supported by 271 deputies from total number of 423.

Ukraine | Knife-Wielding Ukrainian Radicals Assaulted a Lawyer and Journalist Directly in a Zhytomyr Courtroom And Then Attacked a Cafe

On September 28th, the latest hearing on the case of the Ukrainian journalist Vasily Muravitsky took place in the Korolevsky district court of the city of Zhytomyr. At the hearing the prosecution was supposed to present the experts whose conclusions form the basis of the charges of high treason against the journalist.