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Ukraine | The day of collective madness

On October 4, the Parliament of Ukraine adopted three scandalous decisions.

First of all, the greeting of the Ukrainian fascists was introduced in the Kiev-controlled army and police. Now senior military and police officers should greet their subordinates with the words “Glory to Ukraine!”, and those in response should say “Glory to the heroes!”. This greeting was used by the Ukrainian fascists during the Second World War. The proposal was supported by 271 deputies from total number of 423.

Ukraine | Knife-Wielding Ukrainian Radicals Assaulted a Lawyer and Journalist Directly in a Zhytomyr Courtroom And Then Attacked a Cafe

On September 28th, the latest hearing on the case of the Ukrainian journalist Vasily Muravitsky took place in the Korolevsky district court of the city of Zhytomyr. At the hearing the prosecution was supposed to present the experts whose conclusions form the basis of the charges of high treason against the journalist.

Ukraine | Western diplomats advocate Russian language

The oppression of Russian language continues in Ukraine. On September 18, the members of the Lviv regional council decided to impose a moratorium on the public “use of the Russian-language cultural product” in the region. According to Ukrainian nationalists, the decision was made “to protect the Ukrainian information space from the hybrid effects of the aggressor state and to overcome the consequences of long-term language russification, taking into account the numerous appeals of patriotic and veteran public organizations.” The propagandists of the Kiev regime call Russia the aggressor state.

Ukraine | Special services of Ukraine fabricate cases against left-wing activists

On June 27, the Ukrainian court softened the measure of restraint to the arrested journalist Vasily Muravitsky. Now he is under house arrest – although the investigation of the grave articles of the criminal code continues anyway.

Ukraine | UN: Ukrainian government is responsible for pogroms

In Ukraine, attacks of fascist gangs on anti-fascists, language and ethnic minorities continue.

Literally on June 20 Lviv resident Inna Ivanochko was attacked by nationalist bandits because she alone defends a monument to Soviet soldiers who fell during the liberation of the city of Lviv from the Nazis.