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No-Euro Forum in Siena

After Brexit everything is possible! It was a leitmotiv of conference organized in Chianciano Terme not far from Siena, Italy. Delegates of this conference were various European left politicians, who oppose the EU and consider it has to be destroyed from inside for better life of European working people. They discussed their plans for three days since September 16 to 18. They spoke in the name of political parties and groups from Italy, France, Greece, Germany, UK, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Finland and other countries.
Forum proved that dissatisfaction of peoples in the EU grows up permanently. But what is an alternative? The speakers in majority stressed the only way out is to broke the EU and return to national sovereignty. Porcaro Mimo the leader of Italian movement «Socialismo 2017» formulated: the EU can’t be reformed, you can only leave it out. Jacques Nikonoff candidate for president post from PARDEM in France was more radical: he claimed for destroying the EU. Dimitris Kazakis from EPAM, Greece, compared the EU with occupation regime. In the same time Inge Hoger, German MP from der Linke, proposed to connect breaking of the EU with struggle for socialism as positive way out from the crisis of the united Europe.
The remarkable feature of the conference was Ukrainian delegation. The organizers invited various Ukrainian left groups who oppose the EU and its policy towards this country. They consider Ukraine shows extreme results of the same policy led by EU authorities. These results were not caused by inner development of Ukraine, but caused by EU direct intervention. The Union of left forces, Borotba and “Against the current” group described numerous catastrophic results provoked by pro-Western course of Ukrainian elites inspired in European capitals.
Anyway there is qualitative difference between Ukraine and the EU and the conference demonstrated this fact clearly. Despite radical claims and proposal to break the union from inside, nobody was arrested. Italy is not Ukraine, it has democracy till now.

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