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Ukraine | Ukraine took the protection of Nazi collaborators

On December 23, 2018, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a law expanding the list of participants in hostilities who receive social protection from the Ukrainian state.

The law amends Article 6 of the law on the status of war veterans and guarantees of their social protection. Before the amendment, it recognized as participants in hostilities whose members of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army who participated in hostilities against the Nazi invaders in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine in 1941-1944, did not commit crimes against peace and humanity, and were rehabilitated.

Ukraine | Ukrainian fascists attack journalists

On November 18 Ukrainian fascists attacked two journalists in the center of Ukrainian capital.

One of them is a Canadian reporter Michael Colborne.

He was punched in the face by counterdemonstrators at a Transgender rights rally in Kyiv on November 18. He suffered a swollen lip and cuts on his face from his broken glasses. Colborne tweeted that the attack against him was “further proof” that Ukraine “has a huge far-right problem,” and that Ukrainian officials should “stop downplaying it.”

Ukraine | Training kids to kill at Ukrainian nationalist camp

The campers, some clad in combat fatigues, carefully aim their assault rifles. Their instructor offers advice: Don’t think of your target as a human being.

So when these boys and girls shoot, they will shoot to kill.

Ukraine | A Journalist From a Channel Owned by Ukrainian President Performed a “Sieg Heil” in the Homeland of Hitler

People who don’t hesitate to express their sympathies for the nazis work at the “Channel 5” belonging to the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. This was reported by the Ukrainian journalist and blogger Anatoly Shariy on his video blog.

In his video the blogger published photos from open sources showing the correspondent of “Channel 5” Nataliya Kotskovich performing a “sieg heil” nazi greeting and posing with militants with swastikas.

In addition, on Twitter Shariy published a photo of Kotskovich doing the “sieg heil” in the Austrian capital of Vienna.

Ukraine | Seasonal exacerbation of anti-Semitism

After the coup in February 2014, extreme right-wing forces came to power in Ukraine. Their policy failured and now the people of Ukraine are disappointed in its consequences. But contrary to expectations, this disappointment is not accompanied by a rejection of the basic ideological principles of the regime. The opposite happens. What the ideologists of the Kiev regime are talking about remains in the minds of the masses. When they protest, they only repeat the ideology of their oppressors.