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Ukraine | Violent Anti-Semitism Is Gripping Ukraine — And The Government Is Standing Idly By

A wave of anti-Semitism has swept over Ukraine. In the past three weeks alone, a far-right leader publicly called for cleansing Ukraine of zhidi (a slur equivalent to “kike”); a Holocaust memorial in Ternopil was bombed; hundreds marched through Lviv, in honor of an SS unit, complete with Nazi salutes; “Death to Zhidi” graffiti was scrawled in two cities; a revered rabbi’s tomb was vandalized; a Romani camp in Kiev was attacked and burned by far-right nationalists, and hundreds rocked out at a neo-Nazi concert clad in swastikas and throwing up Nazi salutes.

Canada | Glorifying Nazis is bad, period

by Scott Taylor

On April 29, in the western Ukraine city of Lviv hundreds of demonstrators marched through the streets chanting anti-Semitic Nazi slogans while repeatedly thrusting their right arms forward in the straight arm Nazi salute.

Ukraine | Secret police against historical memory

Kiev regime tries to change a mass conscience of Ukrainian people. A small minority of fascist thugs put task to eliminate a Victory day from collective memory. But Ukrainians are strong and believe a Victory day, when the Red army finally crashed Nazi Germany, is a great and important holiday. Ukrainian fascists are furious: all bans and threats can’t help them and Ukrainian people every year demonstrate their attitude in public on May 9. People go to street with photos of their relatives who fought in the Red Army. It is known as “Immortal regiment” action. This is a new form of anti-fascist protest in Ukraine.

Ukraine | A victim of ‘Ukrainian order’

On May 2, the residents of Odessa paid tribute to the victims of the massacre in the House of Trade Unions. A lot of Ukrainian fascists gathered in Odessa that day to intimidate the people of Odessa. However, the fascists beat that day only one person. They also did not touch the flowers that Odessa residents laid to the site of the massacre of their countrymen. As far as we can judge, the Kiev regime was afraid of international resonance and therefore forbade its agents to mock the defenseless people.

Ukraine | Ukrainian fascists in Odessa: four years later

Four years passed after a fascist pogrom in Odessa. But the new anniversary of Odessa massacre shows the victorious part still believes they were right and nothing changed.

During the commemoration of the fourth anniversary of the tragic events on May 2nd, 2014 in Odessa, on social networks nationalists remembered their “triumph” and in all seriousness declared it a “holiday”.