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PACE to observe the presidential election in Macedonia and Ukraine

Presidential elections are scheduled for April 21 in two European countries – Macedonia and Ukraine. Both states are felt to zone of tiny NATO interest and influence. Macedonia even has changed its name to North Macedonia specially for entering NATO alliance. Greece from historical and territorial reasons was strongly against its former name and blocked any step to involve Macedonia to NATO. Ukraine is also the territory of high interest for NATO, it is used as a weapon against Russia in NATO-Russia conflict during last five years.

Ukraine is armed with NATO weapons

Since US backed coup in Ukraine its new government has collaborated with the USA and other NATO members. The collaboration has been lasting for five years. Maidan coup has provoked a civil war in Ukraine that is why current Ukrainian authorities constantly need military help to fight against pro-Russian rebels. NATO countries give it up regularly. In April 2019 when civil war reached its fifth anniversary many countries from North Atlantic alliance demonstrated their support to Kiev government.

Large-scale NATO exercises started in the Black Sea

On April 5, the NATO exercise “Sea Shield 19” started with the participation of more than two thousand troops in the Black Sea. “Fourteen Romanian warships and six warships from Bulgaria, Canada, Greece, the Netherlands, and Turkey, with the participation of 2,200 troops, will perform joint combat missions in the Black Sea region,” the statement said.

Ukraine | Rate of measles in Ukraine is rising again: 35K cases reported year-to-date

After several weeks of falling, the rate of measles in Ukraine is rising again, the Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine said on April 1.

During the 13th week of 2019, 2,254 people – 1,133 adults and 1,141 children – contracted measles. During March 22-28, areas with the most registered cases include Kyiv (260 patients: 139 adults and 121 children), Kiev (200: 123 adults and 77 children), Khmelnytsky (177: 93 adults and 84 children), Lviv (165: 48 adults and 117 children) and Kharkiv (160: 91 adults and 69 children) areas.

Ukraine | Allegations of vote fraud emerge in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine

Allegations of vote rigging in Donetsk Oblast in favor of President Petro Poroshenko during the March 31 presidential election have emerged in recent days, according to police and election watchdogs.

Donetsk Oblast police reported on April 2 that they have opened criminal cases into alleged voting fraud in the city of Bakhmut, the town of Pokrovske, and in Mangush District. The Opora election watchdog also said it was looking into the alleged violations.