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China | US and China escalate Huawei feud in Europe with warnings to Germany and Poland

by Josephine Ma

Beijing and Washington have expanded their Huawei war in Europe, with ambassadors escalating the dispute over the Chinese telecoms giant.

Poland | Ukrainian Far-Right Fighters, White Supremacists Trained by Major European Security Firm

Since 2016, the European Security Academy (ESA) an EU-based company that offers advanced training programs for security, law enforcement and military professionals, has provided sophisticated training geared towards combat application to elements of Ukraine’s controversial Azov Regiment, also known as the Azov Battalion, which has been integrated into the Ukrainian National Guard in Mariupol. A large group from Ukraine consisting at least partially of Azov veterans, along with likely current members of Azov movement and other far-right activists, received special-ops like training in the ESA training center in Poland. Among recipients of ESA advanced firearms and tactics training are also current activists of far-right organizations in Ukraine linked to attacks on, or harassment of Ukrainian Roma, LGBT persons and rights activists: Tradition and Order, The National Corps and The National Militia.

Poland | Power Grab in Poland? Academics see ominous provisions in new higher ed law

by Matthew Reisz

After triggering the biggest student protests seen in Poland since the fall of Communism, controversial plans to reform higher education in the country are set to pass into law.

Academics had warned, in the words of Mateusz Laszczkowski, assistant professor of political and economic anthropology at the University of Warsaw, that the draft Law on Higher Education and Science — known as Law 2.0 — reflected both “Poland’s broader authoritarian turn” and “the sweeping neoliberalization of academia across Europe.”

USA | Congressman Khanna Leads Bipartisan Members In Condemning Anti-Semitism in Europe

Washington, DC – Congressman Ro Khanna (CA-17) and Congressman David N. Cicilline (RI-01) are leading more than 50 House Republicans and Democrats in pushing for the U.S. Department of State to exert diplomatic pressure on Ukraine and Poland for recent in incidents of state-sponsored Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism.

France | A Paris, en soutien aux communistes polonais : au nom de l’internationalisme prolétarien

par Jacques Kmieciak

« KPP, solidarité ! » « Kaczynski fasciste, vive le Parti communiste ! » « Elle est pourrie l’Union européenne qui bénit les fascistes et traque les communistes ! » Les slogans fusent. Il est 14h 30 ce samedi 27 janvier 2018 lorsque des dizaines de personnes manifestent devant l’ambassade de Pologne à Paris leur solidarité avec le Parti communiste polonais (Komunistyczna Partia polski / KPP) dont deux militants sont poursuivis par la justice polonaise.