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Spain | Espagne: Rajoy et Puigdemont ont choisi l’épreuve de force, un affrontement criminel

Ce que nous avions prévu hélas se vérifie, le gouvernement de Marino Rajoy a choisi l’épreuve de force et l’exécutif catalan y voit l’occasion de renforcer son propre choix. Rajoy a pris samedi des mesures draconiennes pour empêcher la Catalogne de faire sécession, préparant la destitution de l’exécutif catalan de Carles Puigdemont, qui a dénoncé la « pire attaque » contre sa région depuis la dictature de Francisco Franco. Nul ne sait où la provocation de Rajoy mène et elle a toute chance de renforcer le camp indépendantiste en regroupant autour de lui ceux des catalans qui n’ont pas accepté au compromis monarchiste de 1978, héritage de Franco. Tout le monde sait à quel point le parti de Rajoy est l’héritier jamais désavoué de Franco.

Spain | Puidgemont Blasts Repression After Catalan Leaders Detained for ‘Sedition’

Dozens of Barcelona residents banged pots Monday evening to express discontent with the High Court’s decision to jail the two pro-independence leaders.

Catalans are readying to take to the streets to protest a Spain High Court order declaring two independence organizations’ leaders be remanded while they remain under investigation for suspicion of sedition.

Spain | Puigdemont postpones declaration of Catalan independence to make a final offer of dialogue to Spain

The mandate to make Catalonia an independent state has been acknowledged, but the declaration of independence is postponed.

This is the summary of Carles Puigdemont’s most important speech. With a one hour delay due to last-minute discrepancies with the CUP –who didn’t applaud his speech–, Puigdemont asked the plenary session to temporarily suspend Article 4.4 of the Referendum Law –which calls for a unilateral declaration of independence in the event of a Yes win– so as to make a final offer of dialogue to the Spanish government, as the international community has called for.

Spain | Spanish Government Issues Veiled Death Threat To Catalan Leader

In a quite shocking escalation of the rhetoric in Spain, a spokesman for the ruling People’s Party just issued a (barely) veiled death threat to the President of Catalonia.

“Let’s hope that nothing is declared tomorrow because perhaps the person who makes the decalartion will end up like the person who made the declaration 83 years ago.”

Spain | When will we see tanks in Barcelona?

“Independent Catalonia? Over my dead body and those of many other soldiers”. It was with these words that on August 31, retired infantry lieutenant-colonel Francisco Alaman Castro referred to the possibility of an independent Catalonia. And he added: “We will not make it easy. Although the lion seems to be sleeping, they have no interest in provoking it too much, because it has already given enough proof of its ferocity over the centuries. These plebs are not up to much, if we know how to confront them”.