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Ukraine | State security and tortures: nothing changed in Ukraine

UN High comissioner for rights issued a new report on human rights violation in Ukraine. It is remarkable that nothing changed in state policy of Kiev regime. Its secret services continue arbitrary arrests and tortures. The report tells:

China | Right to communicate violated: Labour Activist has been detained and isolated for 16 months

Chinese labour activist Meng Han was sentenced to a prison term of 21 months by Panyu District Court of Guangzhou City on 3 November 2016, for “gathering crowds to disrupt public order” as he helped organize workers to defend their rights. He was then sent to serve his sentence in Shaoguan Prison of Guangdong Province and is expected to be released in September 2017. Together with the detention prior the sentence, Meng has been detained for over 16 months. Since his detention on 3 December 2015, his family has attempted to visit him over a dozen times but in vain. No matter it was the No.1 Detention Centre of Guangzhou or Shaoguan Prison, the authorities denied his family’s rights to see him. In late March 2017, Meng’s parents visited Shaoguan Prison again and were told that Meng had been going through education and therefore could not be visited. Frustrated, his family made various complaints at the Bureau of Public Security and never received any feedback. Now, they start to feel extremely worried about Meng’s conditions.

Ukraine | Ukrainian political police carried out new arrests

On February 23 arrests for political motives were resumed in Ukraine. On the day when opponents of Kiev regime celebrate anniversary of the Soviet army of creation, the Ukrainian intelligence agencies arrested three inhabitants of Odessa: Alexander Kushnaryov, Anatoly Slobodyanik and Andrey Zadorozhniy. A. Kushnaryov is a deputy of Limansky village council from the Oppositional block and the father of Gennady Kushnaryov who was killed on May 2, 2014, defending in the Trade Unions Building from attack of the Ukrainian fascists. A. Slobodyanik heads the union of veterans of law enforcement agencies of Odessa region. A. Zadorozhniy is a worker in typography.

USA | Andrei Sokolov: ‘They hid me from OSCE commission in a private apartment’

Andrei Sokolov, kidnapped six months ago while leaving a Ukrainian court, has returned to Russia

By Julia Polukhina, Novaya Gazeta

October 15: Russian citizen Andrei Sokolov came to the Dontesk People’s Republic (DPR) on December 4, 2014, where, in his own words, he had planned to engage in humanitarian aid. But on December 16, 2014, he mistakenly drove his car into a Ukrainian roadblock near Gorlovka, was formally arrested on December 29, and ended up in the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) office in Mariupol. Sokolov was charged under Part. 1, Art. 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (assistance to a terrorist organization). Solokov’s lawyer, Valery Avzhenko, argued that there was insufficient evidence to convict Sokolov, and the evidence that existed had been obtained in violation of the rules and requirements of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Ukraine | Miroslava Berdnik Case: SBU’s Devious Methods to Silence the Truth in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

Where does the taxpayers’ money go or how I became involved in another criminal case
You just will not be surprised, but I became involved in another criminal case!

However, the case that was opened by the SBU, but the Prosecutor General’s office.
The case of the pogrom during the exhibition “Volyn massacre” in the Ukrainian House, which took place more than 6 years ago on April 8th, 2010!
Do you remember the night’s crumpled message on paper that was transferred via the neighbour from the Colonel of Police? So, it turns out that the Colonel was real. It seems that the Prosecutor General’s office, which allegedly was informed by unknown witnesses said that I was a participant of the event, requested this Colonel to interrogate me as a participant. For now, at least as a witness.
And despite the fact that I immediately explained to him that I will answer his questions only in the presence of his lawyer, especially because I am the same witness the 40 million Ukrainians who witnessed this pogrom during the exhibition “Volyn massacre” on TV, he tried to ask a few questions.
It’s as a matter of fact that I have already answered during a pretrial investigation the investigator for particularly important cases of the Main Investigation Department of the GPU on the question of whether I’m participant of this exhibition (it is the case according to which the ex-Deputy Vadim Kolesnichenko declared as wanted). As proof of my innocence as a non-participant and non-witness, I referred to my material in the blog “Varjag-2007” from April 8th 2010 the “Volyn massacre” photo exhibition, in which it was particularly indicated that “I came after the moment nationalists, who attempted to disrupt an exhibition, were dragged out of the hall by their legs, so the rumours about the disruption of the exhibition are greatly exaggerated, the organizers of the exhibition told me that only a few books were torn.”
Despite my refusal to answer his questions without a lawyer, the Colonel over the phone asked me a question – if I was the author of such a post, to which I replied that it violates my rights to continue after my request to ask questions only in the presence of a lawyer.
My lawyer Elena Lukash called him and clarified all the relevant issues. But…
Now I tried to find in the archive of my blog “Varyag-2007” material that justifies me as a non-party and a non-witness to the pogrom of the exhibition “Volyn massacre”… and I didn’t find it! Only SBU officers could have removed it, who continue to monitor my accounts, despite my complaint to the Chairman of the SBU that the SBU illegally without a court order withdrew all my passwords, logins, and emails and obtained control over all my accounts, and continue to control it. It is in this way that taxpayers’ money is now used.
But initiators made one mistake: it is VERY difficult to destroy material on the Internet. Here is a repost of my destroyed material, the photo report of the “Volyn Massacre” exhibition, proving that I am neither a participant nor a witness.
I visited the exhibition “Volyn massacre: Polish and Jewish victims of OUN-UPA” (the name is not misleading – in the catalogue of the documental photo exhibition it says of the Ukrainian, Russian, and Czechoslovak victims of the UPA).
I came after the moment nationalists, who attempted to disrupt an exhibition, were dragged out of the hall by their legs, so the rumours about the disruption of the exhibition are greatly exaggerated, the organizers of the exhibition told me that only a few books were torn
However, this advertising Billboard dedicated to the exhibition no longer exists: