Daily Archives: October 3, 2016

Odessa: Right Sector Attack May 2nd Mourners With Tear Gas

Members of the Odessa branch of “Right Sector”, on October 2nd, at the corner of Rishelievskaya and Malaya Arnautskaya, attacked a car with activists of Kulikovo field.
As was told to TIMER by the victims, the aim of the “righties” was to steal the makeshift memorial to those killed on 2 May 2014, which the activists raised on Kulikovo field during mourning — including on this day, October 2nd.

France | Un démenti ferme mais fraternel de la brigade Henri Krasucki

Ce n’était pas un canular, la brigade Henri Krasucki existe bel et bien et voici leur réponse au démenti hâtif de la CGT, une mise au point  ferme et fraternelle… .
Ci-dessous, leur réponse à la confédération CGT, publié le 29 septembre 2016 sur la page Facebook du Bataillon international de libération du Rojava , suivie d’un article qui décrit ce qui se passe au Rojava. :

Colombia rejects peace deal with FARC rebels in referendum

by Adriaan Alsema

In a historic vote, Colombia’s electorate on Sunday rejected a recently signed peace deal with Marxist FARC rebels, stopping in its tracks a peace process that had already begun.