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Russia | Seven Crimean left activists have been persecuted for last six months

On March 1 five left activists were searched in Sevastopol. Two of them were arrested.

Last months the Russian authorities began to persecute the left activists in Crimea. On November 14, 2017, investigators brought the case to the worker Valery Bolshakov. Bolshakov for a long time headed the Workers Union of Sevastopol, and at present he is the secretary of the Sebastopol branch of the party “The Russian United Labor Front.” During the search, he was subjected to ill-treatment, all identification documents were confiscated, as a result the activist can not get a job, and his bank card is blocked.

Russia | Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Terminates Cooperation with NATO

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Grushko announced Russia terminates cooperation with NATO. It was reported by Izvestiya.

According to him, the North Atlantic alliance is strengthening the eastern flank against a non-existent threat, having stopped practical cooperation with Russia in areas of common interests.

Ukraine | Banderist Hooligans For The Second Consecutive Day Attacked the Russian Cultural Center in Kiev

On February 18th the rally “Death to Russia”, organised by the leader of “OUN”  Nikolay Kokhanovsky, took place on Maidan. On the anniversary of the deaths on Maidan the nationalists attacked Alfa-Bank, Sberbank, and Rossotrudnichestvo (Russian Cultural Center).

Supporter of Donbas falls into danger in Russia

The Migration Department of the Police of St. Petersburg is going to expel the supporter of the Donetsk peoples republic for the opposition activities in Russia. Irina Vorontsova is a citizen of Ukraine. In 2009, she married a Russian citizen and lived in St. Petersburg. Together with her husband, Vorontsova participates in the activities of the opposition party “Other Russia”. This party is headed by writer Eduard Limonov, its former name – the National Bolshevik Party. In 2015, Vorontsova and her husband went to the Donetsk People’s Republic to support its struggle against the Kiev regime. As a result, the spouses got into the base of the site “Peacemaker”, which the Ukrainian fascists use to intimidate political opponents.
November 6, 2017 police detained Vorontsova for the taking part in “Other Russia” public event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, although she only stood aside and photographed what was happening. After that, the migration department of the St. Petersburg police filed Vorontsova in court for administrative offenses. The court found Vorontsova guilty, after court’s decision police canceled the residence permit for Vorontsova and banned her entry to Russia for three years. The police did not take into account that Vorontsova is married to a Russian citizen, and the separation of the family is a violation of privacy according to the European Convention on Human Rights. The deportation of Vorontsova to Ukraine threatens her with imprisonment for complicity with the terrorist organization – up to 15 years in prison. The Kiev regime, in spite of the lack of a regulatory framework, regards the DPR as a terrorist organization.

Russia | Russia: Caucasus region officials arrested for alleged fraud

Several top officials in the province of Dagestan in Russia’s North Caucasus were arrested on embezzlement charges Monday, part of the Kremlin’s efforts to strengthen control over the volatile region.

The Investigative Committee said acting regional Cabinet head Abdusamad Gamidov was arrested along with two of his deputies and several other senior officials. They were accused of embezzlement and fraud.