Anti-ISIS forces advanced deep in East Syria

The battle in Deir Ezzor has been heating up recently as both the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) advance deep into the Islamic State’s (ISIS) Euphrates heartland. More »

US and coalition bomb Syrian Raqqa, like Dresden was bombed in 1945 – Russian Defense Ministry

Combat aircraft of the US and the coalition bombarded Syrian Raqqa like Germany’s Dresden was destroyed during World War II. In the operation to liberate the city from terrorists of the Islamic More »

XIX World Festival of Youth and Students takes opens in Russia

October 14 XIX World Festival of Youth and Students starts in Russia. Delegates come to Moscow and Sochi, south Russian city located near Black sea. Sochi will be a center of event, More »

Puigdemont postpones declaration of Catalan independence to make a final offer of dialogue to Spain

The mandate to make Catalonia an independent state has been acknowledged, but the declaration of independence is postponed. This is the summary of Carles Puigdemont’s most important speech. With a one hour More »

Spanish Government Issues Veiled Death Threat To Catalan Leader

In a quite shocking escalation of the rhetoric in Spain, a spokesman for the ruling People’s Party just issued a (barely) veiled death threat to the President of Catalonia. “Let’s hope that More »


Spain | Espagne: Rajoy et Puigdemont ont choisi l’épreuve de force, un affrontement criminel

Ce que nous avions prévu hélas se vérifie, le gouvernement de Marino Rajoy a choisi l’épreuve de force et l’exécutif catalan y voit l’occasion de renforcer son propre choix. Rajoy a pris samedi des mesures draconiennes pour empêcher la Catalogne de faire sécession, préparant la destitution de l’exécutif catalan de Carles Puigdemont, qui a dénoncé la « pire attaque » contre sa région depuis la dictature de Francisco Franco. Nul ne sait où la provocation de Rajoy mène et elle a toute chance de renforcer le camp indépendantiste en regroupant autour de lui ceux des catalans qui n’ont pas accepté au compromis monarchiste de 1978, héritage de Franco. Tout le monde sait à quel point le parti de Rajoy est l’héritier jamais désavoué de Franco.

Moldovan president will be temporarily removed from office

Constitutional conflict between Moldovan president Igor Dodon and pro-Romanian parliament majority broke out in September 2017. The government sent Moldovan troops to international NATO military exercises despite strong presidents opposition. As a result of the conflict President Dodon resigned a minister of defence as a supreme commander-in-chief.

Ukraine | Resident of Odessa region arrested on accusation of separatism

Employees of the SBU detained a resident of Berezovka in the Odessa region who spread anti-Ukrainian materials on Russian social networks. This was reported by the press center of the department.

“Law enforcement bodies recorded that the man regularly posted on his personal pages anti-Ukrainian materials with calls to change the borders and the constitutional system of Ukraine, and popularized the terrorist organizations DPR/LPR. The operatives of the special service documented that the agitator obtained information from the curator of the territories that are temporarily occupied by militants and spread it for a fee,” it is said in the statement of the SBU.

USA | Silicon Valley is not your friend

Noam Cohen

Islamic State militants defeated in Syria’s Raqqa, says SDF

US-backed forces announced on Sunday the “final phase” of the battle to retake Raqqa in Syria, after the city was evacuated except for foreign Islamic State (IS) group militants and their families.

More than 3,000 civilians fled Raqqa on Saturday night under an evacuation deal that left just a few hundred foreign IS militants and some of their relatives in the handful of positions they still hold in their one-time Syrian stronghold.

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