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Portugal | Portuguese miracle

In November 2015 the Socialist party in Portugal form a coalition with other left parties and its leader Antonio Costa became a prime minister promising to put down with austerity policy. That time a serious doubt was spread both on success of proclaimed policy and ruling coalition durability. Despite all doubts Costa’s government reached its aims.

France in the streets: against the government and the EU

If you want to understand what the EU is, then look at its intervention today – teargas on the streets of French cities, argues Kevin Ovenden

There is a ferocious battle taking place in France to defend workers’ rights and wages against the new labour law. It pits working people and youth against the government. The government of Francois Hollande is implementing the new law, and the employers are demanding that the government goes even further. If you want to understand what the EU is, then look at its intervention today – with teargas on the streets of French cities and mass strikes planned for the rest of the week. It has published its Spring Reports and Recommendations for each of the 28 EU countries.

Portugal | An unlikely deal for the Left begets victories and exposes all contradictions

January 2016, by João Camargo

Venezuela | Portugal’s Socialists Force Center-Right Government to Resign

Socialist leader Antonio Costa is expected to become the new prime minister in a few weeks after his party formed an unprecedented coalition.
The Socialist Party of Portugal formed an unprecedented coalition with the Communist Party and the Left Bloc to achieve a majority in the 230-seat National Assembly, forcing the new center-right government to resign by rejecting its policy proposals.
Socialist leader Antonio Costa is now expected to become the country’s prime minister in the following weeks backed by the communist PCP party and the Left Bloc, known as the BE, the Associated Press reported.
The Portuguese ruling PAF party, led by Prime Minister Pedro Passos, lost its majority in parliament after the Oct. 4 elections.
After Portugal’s president, Anibal Cavaco Silva, chose Passos to form a new government, even though he lacked backing, the leftists came together to form a majority that has now forced the new administration Passos formed only two weeks ago to resign.