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Ukraine | Odessa Report 2: Mayday and the May 2nd Remembrance in Odessa

by Joe Lombardo

After taking an overnight train from Kiev, we arrived in Odessa and were met by two anti-Maidan supporters who have been our very kind hosts.  After resting for a while, we met with Alex Meyevski, who was a survivor of the attack on the protesters in Kulikovo Field at the House of Trade Unions on May 2, 2014.

Ukraine | Odessa Report 1, Arriving in Kiev: What Happened on the Maidan 5 Years Ago?

by Joe Lombardo

I am in Kiev, Ukraine with Pippa Bartolotti, a UNAC supporter from Wales, on our way to Odessa where there will be a mobilization to remember the massacre of more than 40 people who were at the Odessa House of Trade Unions on May 2, 2014. The people at the House of Trade Unions were holding a vigil to protest the US supported coup that took place in Maidan starting in late 2013. The massacre was carried out by right-wing, pro-fascist forces many associated with the Right Sector, a coalition of pro-fascist organizations who had come to Odessa from throughout the country for a soccer match and used the opportunity to attack the protesters. More than 40 were killed and around 100 injured and although there are many cell phone videos showing people shooting the protesters and Molotov cocktails being made and thrown, no one has been prosecuted for the murders.

Ukraine | Résolution du Forum antifasciste international à Donetsk dans le Donbass

Danielle Bleitrach

Nos camarades du Donbass nous ont envoyé cet appel et invité au forum antifasciste international qu’ils organisent à Donetsk le 10 mai, en nous demandant de le traduire en français. Voilà qui est fait grâce à Stephen Chalk qui l’a traduit de l’anglais. De tout cœur avec vous mes chers camarades. Je n’ai pas très bien compris s’il fallait le signer ou seulement les participants, je ne peux pas m’y rendre mais je signe sans problème et je suis sûre que nombreux seront les Français qui en feront autant

Ukraine | Ukraine: Zelenskiy elected president as power shifts within the oligarchy

by Peter Mikhailenko

The disastrous presidency of Petro Poroshenko has resulted in him losing the presidential election to comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy, by 73 percent to 24 percent. The almost-50 percent margin of victory was the most-lopsided second round in Ukrainian history. The only Ukrainian province where Poroshenko won was the nationalist bastion of Lviv.

Ukraine | Ukrainian presidential elections: the society of the spectacle

Ukraine voters have elected a TV comedy actor as their new president. In this piece, written exclusively for the New Cold War website by our regular contributor on Ukraine, Dmitriy Kovalevich, he discusses Vladimir Zelensky’s resounding victory and what this could mean for the country’s fragmented political framework and its people’s future.