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Ukraine | ‘Jews Want to Drown Ukraine in Blood’, Ukraine’s Military Prosecutor Says Amid Wave of Racist and Anti-Semitic Attacks

By Cristina Maza

In an extensive interview with the Ukrainian news outlet Insider, Anatoliy Matios, Ukraine’s chief military prosecutor, espoused anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in which he implied that Jews want to drown ethnic Slavs in blood.

Ukraine | The Victory Day in Ukraine

On May 9, residents of Ukraine traditionally celebrate the Victory Day of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War.

About 460 thousand people took part in the events dedicated to the Victory Day in Ukraine. It was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

On the constitutionality of declaring unconstitutional the 2012 language law in Ukraine and the prospects of a united Ukraine

by Halyna Mokrushyna

On February 28, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine declared unconstitutional the 2012 law ‘On the Principles of State Language Policy’ of Ukraine on the grounds that on the day of the reading of the bill on July 3, 2012, the Parliament of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada) violated the procedures  for consideration and approval of the draft law. [1] These procedures are determined by the Constitution of Ukraine. Systematic violations include the fact that the draft law did not pass a second reading; Rada deputies were physically blocked by deputies of the ruling majority from speaking on the law from the Rada podium and from voting; and using the voting cards of deputies who were absent or using the cards of other deputies to obtain the sufficient number of votes (ibid).

Ukraine | March on 8th of March. Violence in Ukraine: the Story of a Banner

Ukrainian feminist activists organized a march for women rights in the international women day and faced to right violence in the center of Kiev.

Feminist Alyona Lyasheva tells the story in her blog:

“For 8th of March we have decided to raise several problems, which women in Ukraine are faced with everyday. Among those: poverty and precarious working conditions, domestic violence, church leaders lobbying the Istanbul Convention rejection, as well as a problem turned daily experience – radical right-wing violence against feminist and LGBT+ activists.

Ukraine | New Maidan Massacre Bombshell

by Ivan Katchanovski

Another Maidan massacre bombshell: In a documentary broadcast by an Israeli TV channel, two more Georgians stated that they had orders to shoot both police and protesters in order to continue Maidan protests and overthrow the Yanukovych government. They gave similar testimonies to testimonies provided by three other Georgians to the Italian, Macedonian and Israeli TV, Russian media, and Berkut lawyers about involvement of two Maidan leaders from then the Fatherland Party, who became senior government leaders (Parubii and Pashynsky), and Saakashvili’s military adviser in the Maidan massacre. Parubii, who currently heads the Ukrainian parliament, was also previously a leader of the neo-Nazi Social National Party, which later became Svoboda, and its paramilitary wing, called Patriot of Ukraine, which became a part of the Right Sector during the Maidan. These two Georgians also gave similar testimony about the involvement of an ex-US military sniper and Parasiuk in this mass killing and that Saakashvili attended one of their meetings. They stated that they were based in the Hotel Ukraina and the Music Conservatory and saw there about two dozen snipers, in particular, from Georgia, Ukraine and Estonia.