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Ukraine | Ukraine: NATO in the Constitution

By Manlio Dinucci

The day after the signature of NATO’s membership protocol with North Macedonia as its 30th member, Ukraine did something without precedent: it included in its Constitution the engagement to enter officially into NATO and the European Union at the same time.

Ukraine | The fifth anniversary of the Maidan coup in Ukraine

by Dmitry Kovalevich

February 2019 marks the fifth anniversary of the coup in Maidan, an event that eventually resulted in civil war, a mass exodus from the country and a collapsing economy; one that only survives due to Western financial aid.

Five years ago, on February 21, the former Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovich, leaders of the Maidan opposition, foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland signed an agreement ‘On solving the political crisis in Ukraine’. The agreement implied peaceful regulations, a promise made by all sides, including the EU, which criticized the former government for attempts to disperse the far-right and nationalist protesters.

Ukraine | Ukrainian miners work for nothing on pain of state security

Since the summer of 2018 in Ukraine, the situation with the financing of state coal mines has worsened. Trade unions of miners claimed that the government owed workers more than a billion hryvnias (33 millions euro). The miners staged mass protests in Kiev.

Ukraine | EU criticizes Ukrainian language politics

The European Union called on Ukraine to fully implement the recommendations of the Venice Commission regarding the language clause of the law “On Education”.

And lately, it did it twice. The first statement was made on December 12 in the resolution of the European Parliament. The second time this question was raised by the Council of Europe on December 17 following the meeting of the Council of the Ukraine-EU Association, held in Brussels. The EU specifically addressed the issue of discrimination against Roma. In addition, EU representatives are concerned that Ukraine is violating the right of all national minorities to receive information in their native language.

The Lie that Shot Down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

by John Helmer

One side of a well-used coin is the maxim that truth is the first casualty of war. The other side of the coin is that lying is the first weapon of war. According to the ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu, that’s because all warfare is based on deception. He meant that lying – propaganda, camouflage, false flags, disinformation, infowar, cyber war — is a precondition for winning battles at least, if not wars. As the US military learned since Vietnam, lying is no guarantee of winning.