Turkish trade unions say “no” to referendum

The confederation of progressive trade unions of Turkey (DISK) continue to say “no” to constitutional amendments after recent referendum the Statement of Executive Board of DISK proclaims. The declared but unconfirmed result More »

Migrants from west Africa being ‘sold in Libyan slave markets’

by Emma Graham-Harrison West African migrants are being bought and sold openly in modern-day slave markets in Libya, survivors have told a UN agency helping them return home. More »

Lukács Statue has been removed and the Lukács Archives closed in Budapest

On 28 March, the statue of renowned Marxist philosopher George Lukács (1890-1971) was removed from Saint Stephen’s park in the 13th district of Budapest. The sculpture, commissioned by the Hungarian Academy of More »

US Attacks Syria: Scores of Missiles Fired

by Jason Ditz The US military is attacking Syria tonight, after talking up the idea of unilateral military intervention throughout the day. Preliminary reports are that more than 60 Tomahawk missiles have More »

Protesters set Paraguay Congress ablaze, 30 injured in clashes over constitutional reform

Violent protesters in the Paraguayan capital of Asuncion have stormed the National Congress building following a day of angry rallies over the senators’ closed-doors vote to allow President Horacio Cartes to run More »


Venezuela | Defending Socialism, Venezuela Workers Resist Right-Wing Strike


Several private companies in Venezuela connected to the country’s right-wing opposition are asking workers not to come in for their shifts next week.

Claiming to defend their workers’ safety amid ongoing protests, the companies are backing opposition calls for a national strike against President Nicolas Maduro.

France | Les dérives brunes de Maïdan


Par Jean Geronimo Enseignant-chercheur à Grenoble-III

Issue d’un mouvement ultranationaliste d’apparence démocratique mais intrinsèquement fasciste, la « révolution » de Maïdan a fondé sa légitimité sur une Ukraine eurolibérale, libérée de la tutelle russe et focalisée contre le « complot communiste », dont Moscou serait la matrice historique. Pour Washington, ce contexte a justifié une atmosphère de guerre froide surfant sur les forces radicales et réactivant, via une stratégie de désinformation, le mythe de l’ennemi russe en Ukraine.

Poland | Polish Left Are Interested How Russians Live In Ukraine


On April 20, 2017, an international round table was held in Warsaw on the theme: “Ukraine – Three Years After Maidan. PATHOS OF DESTRUCTION.” Public event was organized by various Polish left activists. It brought together scientists, human rights activists, political and trade union leaders of Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Syria. The round table attracted interest of representatives of Polish scientific and political circles who made up the audience of the event and who actively participated in the discussion of all submitted papers. They were interested not only in ordinary life in the country of victorious coup d’état but were also occupied with problems of language minorities. Polish public opinion knows very well how ethnic Poles live in Ukraine, so they invited guests who can describe situation with Russians and Trancarpathian minorities.

Turkish trade unions say “no” to referendum


The confederation of progressive trade unions of Turkey (DISK) continue to say “no” to constitutional amendments after recent referendum the Statement of Executive Board of DISK proclaims.

The declared but unconfirmed result of the constitutional referendum, which aims establish a presidential regime instead of the current parliamentary democracy, points to new problems, tensions and deepening divisions for Turkey.

Ukraine | Ukrainian Nazis celebrated Hitler’s birthday with assassination


On 20 April 2017, left activist in Kiev, a young university student Stanislav (Stas) Sergienko was followed by a Nazi gang and stabbed multiple times. He received three handle-deep penetrating wounds into the hip. But he survived–after emergency surgery he is now in intensive care.  The day of attack was not choosing occasionally. It was the birthday of Adolph Hitler. This assault was carried out in broad daylight and the attackers left, leaving his money and laptop in the crime scene, which must mean that the motive for this action was political.

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