Ukrainian fascists against national minorities in Chernivtsi

On March 19, in the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi, local political scientist Oleg Khavich organized an international round table on the protection of the rights of national minorities. The organizer was the More »

Ukrainian fascists suppress Russian culture

Yesterday in the evening fascist thugs broke up the final stage of public contest for Russian theatre director replacement. The owner of the Russian theatre of Odessa is a state, but theatre More »

Kiev Silent as US Activists Call for Tackling Repression in Odessa – Campaigner

Ukrainian authorities are giving the cold shoulder to activists calling for tackling political repression in the city of Odessa, one of campaigners told Sputnik. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Ukraine’s officials remain silent regarding calls More »

State department changes its line in Korean nuclear problem

South Korea news agency Yonhap informs on shocking statement made by the new US state secretary Rex Tillerson during his visit to ROK. Tillerson said Friday that all options even including military More »


Stop Government Repression Against Anti-Fascists in Odessa! Free Alexander Kushnarev! It’s been nearly three years since the brutal massacre of 46 mostly young progressives by a neo-Nazi-led mob in the Ukrainian city More »


Canada | 80 percent of Canadians back Israel boycott — poll


Four in five Canadians expressing an opinion believe the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) on Israel is reasonable, a national survey suggests.

France | La candidate russe à l’Eurovision interdite d’entrée en Ukraine


Ioulia Samoïlova, la candidate russe à l’Eurovision a été interdite d’entrée en Ukraine pour trois ans. Les organisateurs du concours de l’Eurovision ont annoncé leur déception suite à cette décision.

Les services spéciaux ukrainiens (SBU) ont interdit pour trois ans l’entrée sur le territoire ukrainien à la candidate russe à l’Eurovision, dont la prochaine édition se tiendra le 13 mai à Kiev, lui reprochant d’avoir donné un concert en Crimée.

USA | Russiagate and the Democratic Party are for Chumps


by Paul Street

The orange-tinted freakshow that is Donald Trump should be removed from the White House and sent to some filthy, rat-infested dungeon with a sentence of Life Without Twitter. The same goes for the rest of his racist, eco-cidal, arch-plutocratic, and shockingly Christian Fascist administration. They should be forced to work sunup to sundown in a solar panel-making work camp in the Arizona desert.

Cambodia Rejects US War Debt

“We should raise our voices to talk about the issue of the country that has invaded other (countries) and has killed children,” said Cambodia’s prime minister.

Following the United States’ renewed insistence that Cambodia pay back its alleged “war debts,” fury across Cambodia has been widespread.

Russia | On monarchist propaganda in modern Russia


One hundred years ago, in February (March – new style) 1917, the history of the Russian Empire ended. The fall of the monarchy was not the result of someone’s undercover intrigue, activities of foreign intelligence services or conspiratorial secret societies. Autocracy in Russia rotted at all levels, and became a brake on the further development of society. The majority of the Russian people made a decisive choice in favor of a republican form of government. Our ancestors refused the “bragging rights” to be someone’s subjects and became known by the proud word “citizens.”

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