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Greece | Greece on the front line

Could Donald Trump’s policies serve as an awakening for Europe and make the continent re-examine its security and defense policy?

The new American president has clearly shocked European leaders. During his recent speech at NATO’s new headquarters, he failed to mention Article 5 – the transatlantic alliance’s provision that binds all member-states to each other’s defense. Trump is doing everything he can to question alliances and shared values that have been in place for the past 70 years.

Europe’s youth don’t care to vote — but they’re ready to join a mass revolt

Young Europeans are sick of the status quo in Europe. And they’re ready to take to the streets to bring about change, according to a recent survey.

Around 580,000 respondents in 35 countries were asked the question: Would you actively participate in large-scale uprising against the generation in power if it happened in the next days or months? More than half of 18- to 34-year-olds said yes.

UK | Towards a politics of radical deglobalisation

by Reuben Bard-Rosenberg

It is comforting to imagine that the fight between the mainstream parties and the radical right is a struggle between reason and unreason.

It is more frightening to recognise that Marine Le Pen’s offer of national welfarism, European withdrawal and protectionism is in some ways more coherent, and less mythic, than the promise that François Hollande made four years ago to restore the prosperity of French workers within the confines of the European Monetary System, and upon the battlefield of unfettered global competition.

It is not NATO, but the Limo Left that is “obsolete”

by Manlio Dinucci

Authoritative voices from the European Left have united at the anti-Trump protest “No Ban No Wall” which is taking place across the United States. Yet erased from their minds is the French/British anti-migrant wall at Calais. Their lips tightly sealed on the fact that the exodus of refugees originates from the wars in which Nato European states have participated in.

European Culture Capital Paphos aims for new beginning

The title of European Capital of Culture is passed around each year to lesser known cities, given them time in the limelight. Cyprus’ tiny city of Paphos hopes the status will bring renewal, reports DW’s Barbara Wesel.