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Ukraine is armed with NATO weapons

Since US backed coup in Ukraine its new government has collaborated with the USA and other NATO members. The collaboration has been lasting for five years. Maidan coup has provoked a civil war in Ukraine that is why current Ukrainian authorities constantly need military help to fight against pro-Russian rebels. NATO countries give it up regularly. In April 2019 when civil war reached its fifth anniversary many countries from North Atlantic alliance demonstrated their support to Kiev government.

China | ‘Mr Pompeo, you can stop’: China hits back at criticism over Latin America

by Liu Zhen

China’s foreign ministry has hit back at criticism from US Secretary of StateMike Pompeo over the country’s activities in Latin America, urging the top US diplomat to watch his words.

Emmanuel Macron et Notre-Dame : une décision, une ânerie

Il ne se passe donc pas une journée depuis l’incendie de Notre-Dame-de Paris sans que le Président de la République et son gouvernement ne nous gratifient d’annonces toutes plus absurdes ou scandaleuses les unes que les autres.

Sudan military committed to ‘ensuring stability’ and ‘peaceful transition’ says senior diplomat, as UN rights chief appeals for protesters’ rights to be upheld

Sudan’s military has an “overarching duty” to refrain from using violence against protesters and ensure that their human rights are protected amid concerns of a further escalation, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said on Friday.

National Accord Government regains control of four sites in Tripoli; Haftar promises ‘surprise’

Libya’s internationally recognized Government of National Accord has announced that it has regained control of four sites in Tripoli on Tuesday, while the eastern forces, led by retired General Khalifa Haftar, promised a “surprise” raid the capital.