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Ukraine | 12 countries will be taking part in the Day of Solidarity with Odessa

February 2014 saw the overthrow of the elected president of Ukraine in a violent, right-wing coup supported by the U.S. government. Just three months later, on May 2, Odessa experienced one of Europe’s worst civil disorders in many decades, when 46 mostly young progressives were brutally murdered by a fascist-led mob at Odessa’s Kulikovo Pole (field, or square).

USA | A Call for an April 10 International Day of Solidarity with the People of Odessa

The Odessa Solidarity Campaign is calling for an International Day of Solidarity with the People of Odessa on April 10, 2017, to draw attention to the Ukrainian government’s repression of anti-fascist activists in that city. We are calling for rallies, vigils and demonstrations outside Ukrainian embassies and consular offices around the world. April 10 is a date of great significance to all Odessans, as it marks the day in 1944 when Odessa was liberated from years of fascist occupation.

Ukraine | Fascists attacked Left rally in Odessa

On December 6 the Ukrainian fascists of Svoboda party attacked the rally of the Left Forces union and the Union of anarchists of Ukraine. The rally at Odessa railway station was against the rise of prices and tariffs. New tariff policy was started by Wojciech Balczun, Polish businesman and musician appointed as a director of Ukrainian state railway by special decision of president Poroshenko. Protestors called new chief of Ukrainian railways to resign.

France | Ukrainian police against four old French people

On May 2nd 2014, a peaceful rally took place on Kulikovo field in Odessa, during which activists who had opposed the recent coup in Kiev were gathering signatures demanding a referendum for a federal organization of the Ukraine. This is when they were attacked by right-wing radicals and pro-Maidan neo-fascists of the Pravy-sektor. Many took refuge in the House of Trade Unions, which the assailants set on fire, and were burned alive. Those who jumped out of windows were beaten to death on the ground. According to official reports, at least 48 of the activists died—a number that doubles when including those who have disappeared—and hundreds were injured.

Ukraine | MADNESS: fascists attacked veterans and women in Odessa

April 10 the residents of Odessa celebrated the anniversary of city’s liberation from the occupiers during Great Patriotic war.
The day started from a traditional visit of Odessa citizens on the Alley of Glory at the monument to the unknown sailor. The Alley was attended by several thousand people.
Kulikovo field activists were particularly active. During the celebrations, they called everyone to go to Kulikovo field to the House of Trade Unions and to honor the memory of Odessa citizens who died May 2, 2014 at the hands of Ukrainian fascists. This is a symbolic gesture that underlines the continuity in the fight against fascism.