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Ukraine | Odessa residents commemorate the victims of the May massacre

May 2, 2014 Ukrainian fascists burned several dozen residents of Odessa who opposed the establishment of the ultra-right regime in Ukraine and demanded the transformation of Ukraine into a federal state. Since then, Odessa residents have massively commemorated the victims of fascist terror.
The Kiev regime traditionally perceives such actions as a manifestation of civil protest and is furious because Odessa is politically disloyal. In this regard, every year approaching May 2, it perceives as a threat to the domination and conducts campaigns of intimidation. 2017 was no exception.
Two weeks before the commemoration, the Council of Mothers of the May 2 wrote to American human rights defenders:

USA | Odessa Solidarity Day

American human right defenders and anti-war activists organized a world campaign of solidarity with Odessa. Odessa is a city located at the Northern coast of the Black see. Previously it was known mainly as a cultural and trade center. But in the last years Odessa has appeared in the news as a place of fascist crime and political repression. Three years ago, on May 2, Ukrainian neo-fascists burned alive 46 political opponents. Since that time, the Kiev government that relies on fascists’ support has sabotaged an investigation of this crime and oppressed victims’ relatives as well as progressive residents of Odessa who have been demanding justice.

USA | United National Antiwar Coalition is concerned of situation in Odessa, Ukraine

The United National Antiwar Coalition is an alliance of various US non-government organizations opposing US military policy all over the world. Since the year of 2016 the UNAC pays its attention to situation in Odessa and launched Odessa Solidarity Campaign. Odessa is well known city located now in Ukraine. After the coup d’état in Ukraine it became the field of clashes between extreme right Ukrainian nationalists and pro-federalist forces who opposed the coup and proposed to turn Ukraine in federal state. The central government put down protests leaning on fascists and has conducted oppression measures in Odessa till now.

Ukraine | 2 May violence in Odessa: Ukrainian nationalists regularly threat courts and judges

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has issued a new Report on the human rights situation in Ukraine since 16 November 2016 to 15 February 2017. The report pays special attention to 2 May 2014 violence in Odessa.

The Office’s report notes, more than two and a half years since the violence in Odessa on 2 May 2014, nobody has been held accountable for the death of 48 people. The investigations have progressed selectively, and the ongoing trials have been subjected to undue delays and continued interference.

USA | Kiev Silent as US Activists Call for Tackling Repression in Odessa – Campaigner

Ukrainian authorities are giving the cold shoulder to activists calling for tackling political repression in the city of Odessa, one of campaigners told Sputnik.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Ukraine’s officials remain silent regarding calls by US activist groups to address political repression in Odessa, Odessa Solidarity Campaign Coordinator Phil Wilayto told Sputnik on Friday.