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Ukraine | The right to kill fellow citizens

by Andriy Manchuk
The Ordzhonikidzevsky district court of Mariupol sentenced a soldier of the “Azov” regiment, who right in the street, in the center of the city, stabbed a local resident who came into conflict with him over his political views. According to the “Azovеts”, the victim provoked him to kill – the deceased Mariupolite allegedly insulted the soldier and grabbed him by the clothes, for which he cut his throat with a knife.

Ukraine | Nazis and anti-fascists in Kiev

On February 8 activists of the Nazi association “National Corps” detained two men in Kiev who distributed leaflets with calls to resist the Nazi occupation. This was reported by one of the active Kiev Nazis Sergei Filimonov on his facebook. The “National Corps” is the political wing of the regiment “Azov” and runs the newly created organization “National Squad”.
Filimonov published a video, which was later removed. On the video, several men bring two detainees to the ground, twist their arms, hit the face several times. Also, the nationalists demanded that the detainees “ask forgiveness from the Ukrainians.” One of the detainees stated that he was a communist. It was Alexandr Kononovich, one of the Ukrainian Young communist league leaders. The Nazis repeatedly beat him in recent years.
Kononovich and his friend handed out leaflets on behalf of the Anti-Fascist Committee of Ukraine. On the flyers was a photograph of the Young communist league member Vadim Papura from Odessa, who was brutally murdered in Odessa on May 2, 2014. That day a crowd of Nazis stormed the House of Trade Unions, and over forty anti-fascists were killed.

Ukraine | Nazis demonstrate their force in Ukraine

On January 28 the Nazis marched in the capital of Ukraine. Its organizer was the National Corps, also known as the Azov regiment. This association adheres to Nazi views and dreams of creating a racially pure state. Its leader, Andriy Biletsky, is known among his supporters as the “White Leader”. In 2014, they supported a coup d’etat in Ukraine, acquired combat experience and created their own armed formations formally integrated to the Ukrainian police. On January 28 Azov announced the creation of a new paramilitary detachment called National Squads. 600 “national militiapersons” walked through the center of Kiev and swore “to serve the Ukrainian nation.” Participants of the march demonstrated professional training and uniform. This caused resonance and fear even among supporters of the Kiev regime. Ukrainian social networks are vigorously discussing the Nazi march.

Ukraine | Nazis attack young communist league

Kiev, activists of the Ukrainian Nazi organization “National Corps” broke into the building where the youth wing of the Communist Party of Ukraine held a plenum. The “National Corps” is better known in the world media as a regiment of “Azov”. The website of the Communist Party of Ukraine reports on this:
“Today, on December 23, 2017, a pack of neo-Nazi scumbags attacked a premise where Ukrainian Komsomol members gathered for the next Plenum. At the moment, threatening with violence, bandits from Azov and other criminal groups controlled by the Interior Ministry and the Security Service are trying to enter the premise. Police came to the place, for a long time passively watched what was happening, but at last was forced to use tear gas when neo-Nazis tried to break into the room after the doctors of the ambulance”, – it was reported.

Ukraine | Nazis attack opposition media

Nazi gangs regularly suppress freedom of speech in Ukraine. On December 3 in Kiev, people in camouflage uniforms gathered around the building of the opposition NewsOne TV channel, they are members of various right-wing radical organizations. In particular, there are activists of the Nazi organization “National Corps”. They started blockading the TV channel. Radicals laid the building of the canal on Polevaya Street, 21 with bags of sand and surrounded by barbed wire.
Police also presents near the building, but it does not interfere with the Nazis. The film crews of the TV channel are blocked in the parking lot, journalists can neither enter or leave. The guests’ visits to live broadcasts have been canceled. The Nazis threaten to set fire to the building and create noise interference, which hinders the connection of the blocked employees of the TV channel. According to available information about 200 people are blocked in the building. Around 17.00, one of the television channel staff became ill, but the Nazis did not let in the ambulance workers.
Earlier, a resonant show took place on the NewsOne channel, where the owner of the channel Yevgeny Murayev called the so-called “revolution of dignity”, which took place in 2014 in Kiev, a coup d’état. After that, some politicians made statements about the need to put pressure on the channel until its closure. It seems that Nazis fulfill their wishes.