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Ukraine | Nazi descendants publicly use the fascist greeting in the center of Europe

The Ukrainian edition «Correspondent» reports on a mass event held by Ukrainian Nazis in the westernmost region of Ukraine. Right-wing nationalists from the paramilitary organization of the Carpathian Sich published a photo of a commemorative event in the Red Field Memorial Park in the Transcarpathian region, where they use the fascist greeting in masks.

Ukraine | Inside the Extremist Group That Dreams of Ruling Ukraine

by Michael Colborne

You can find it just off Maidan Nezalezhnosti, the city’s main square. A former hotel, three stories high, its thick metal front door emblazoned with a symbol the occupants continue to deny is the one used by several Waffen SS divisions and U.S. white supremacist terror group Aryan Nations (the Wolfsangel).

New Evidence of Nazi-State Alliance in Ukraine

Over the past five years, Ukrainian human rights activists and opposition journalists have repeatedly pointed out that one of the most active neo-Nazi organizations in Ukraine, C-14, operates under the auspices of the Security Service of Ukraine.

The activists of the C-14 are known for many high-profile robber attacks against social activists and random opponents of the Kiev regime. The group was able to legalize itself as a part of municipal guard of the city of Kiev. Even before the legalization of the C-14 group, opposition journalists pointed to numerous indirect evidence of cooperation between C-14 and special services. The facts of the responsibility evasion for unlawful acts and the boastful statements of the Nazi leader Yevgeny Karas about relations with the SBU were cited as evidence.

Ukraine | Staircase in Ukraine mall decorated with giant swastika

Head of Jewish group notes Nazi symbol appeared in Kiev ahead of march there Saturday by torch-carrying nationalists

A shopping mall in Ukraine that is located on a street named for a collaborator with the Nazis decorated a staircase with a large swastika.

Ukraine | Kiev Regime Celebrates Bandera’s Birthday

On Tuesday 18 Ukrainian parliament adopted a list of memorial days for the year of 2019. It starts from the birthday of Stepan Bandera, the leader of Ukrainian Nazi movement. The National Bank will produce commemorative coins, and state mail service will create post envelopes and stamps. The Ministry of Education is obliged to give lessons at schools and higher education institutions devoted to birthday boys, the Ministry of Culture is obliged to organize exhibitions and thematic events, and the Television and Radio Broadcasting Committee is obliged to promote media coverage. The regional authorities are also active in glorification. Lviv regional council proclaimed the year of 2019 a year of Bandera. The decision of the Ukrainian authorities to celebrate the birthday of Stepan Bandera at the official level is blasphemy against the memory of all those who were killed by the hands of Ukrainian nationalists.