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The Defining Year Was 1991: The Demise of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union

By Marcus Papadopoulos

Whilst there are no golden ages, it is abundantly clear that the world today is in a very unhealthy state. From Eastern Europe to North Africa to the Middle East, countries, in recent years, have been severely destabilised, resulting in carnage and the destruction of hundreds of thousands of lives.

Weapons for Egypt from Germany

Last year, the German government authorized a record number of arms exports to Egypt. As the government confirmed, permits, valued at around €428 million, were issued in 2017. Among the goods Cairo received are TyssenKrupp Marine Systems’ submarines. The deliveries are being carried out in spite of serious accusations of grave human rights violations raised against the Egyptian military government. The case of an Italian post-grad student, who was possibly murdered in early 2016 by Egyptian police or secret service agents, has yet to be solved. In addition the Saudi-led coalition’s war on Yemen is supported by the Egyptian navy. Germany is also providing arms to the coalition. According to reports, arms deliveries have recently been expanded to the United Arab Emirates. At the same time, even NATO countries are beginning to suspend their deliveries to the coalition, because of the humanitarian catastrophe caused in Yemen.

Germany | Kommunisten rollen mit russischem Panzer durch Berlin

BERLIN. Eine Gruppe von Kommunisten ist am Sonntag mit DDR-Militärlastwagen, einem alten russischen Panzer und Sowjetfahnen durch Berlin gezogen. Nach Angaben der Berliner Polizei wurde die Demonstration vom „Verein für die unliteratische Verwendung der Literatur und außergewöhnliche Brechtvorhaben“ angemeldet, berichtete die Bild-Zeitung. Die Kommunismusparade führte durch die Bezirke Friedrichshain und Moabit.

Donbass and the class approach

Statement by Stanislav Retinsky, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Donetsk People’s Republic (KPDPR), at a meeting with members of the Central Committee of the German Communist Party (DKP).

“Nazis dehors”: des centaines d’Allemands dans la rue contre l’AfD

Des centaines de personnes ont manifesté dimanche soir dans plusieurs villes d’Allemagne pour protester contre le parti de droite nationaliste AfD qui a enregistré une percée historique pour un tel mouvement aux élections législatives allemandes.