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Germany | Berlin demands that Kiev act after Ukrainian nationalists put ex-chancellor Schroeder on ‘hit list’

Outraged Germany has demanded that Kiev take down an ultra-nationalist website that tracks the alleged enemies of Ukraine –some of whom ended up dead– after the group placed former chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on its ‘hit-list’.

Germany | Germany after Merkel: how the right can be beaten

by Vladimir Unkovski-Korica

Following a disastrous set of election results for her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in Hesse on 28 October, when the CDU dropped from over 38 to just 27 percent of the vote, Angela Merkel announced she was stepping down as the party leader.

Germany | How Germany Breaks its Own Laws to Arm Saudi Arabia

While the United States, the U.K., and others claim not to sell weapons to governments that “violate human rights” (meaning kill people with other weapons, such as bone saws), Germany’s law forbids it to sell weapons to countries that are at war (so, only to countries that expect to soon start wars). However, Germany joins the United States and the U.K. in ignoring its own standards.

Germany | Germany: WFTU statement on the far-rightist manifestations in Germany

The World Federation of Trade Unions, which is the militant voice of more than 92 million workers in the five Continents, strongly condemns the far-rightists gatherings and manifestations that take place in Kemnitz, Saxony, against migrants and refugees who live in Germany.

Angela Merkel hits back at Donald Trump at Nato summit

Angela Merkel has pushed back against Donald Trump’s extraordinary tirade against Germany on the first day of the Nato summit in Brussels, denying her country was “totally controlled” by Russia and saying it made its own independent decisions and policies.