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France | Macron Announces Plans of ‘Military Action’ in Libya

President Macron has revealed how EU leaders are planning to stop groups of human traffickers in Libya.

PARIS (Sputnik) — French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday EU leaders were pondering to crack down collectively on people’s smugglers in Libya, in an interview with a local news network.

France | Esclavage en Libye : merci l’OTAN !

Une découverte, les pratiques esclavagistes filmées par CNN ? On tombe vraiment des nues ? Certainement pas. Le 11 avril 2017, l’Office international des migrations publiait un rapport indiquant que des milliers de migrants transitant par la Libye étaient vendus comme du bétail sur des marchés aux esclaves, avant d’être soumis au travail forcé ou à l’exploitation sexuelle. Cette réalité, tout le monde la connaissait, et personne n’a rien fait.

Venezuela | Sondage: 86% des Vénézuéliens rejettent une intervention militaire

Le Président des États-Unis, Donald Trump, a dit qu’il n’exclut pas une éventuelle intervention militaire au Venezuela.

The Forgotten Interventions

by Julian Emiridge

The long history of US intervention in other countries’ elections has been omitted from discussions of Russia’s alleged meddling.

The collective hysteria over fake news, Russia’s alleged role in the DNC hack, and the unsubstantiated kompramat that supposedly links Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin has reached a fever pitch. But mainstream cable news and the Washington intelligentsia have somehow neglected to connect it to a crucial piece of the US history: its long-standing tradition, euphemistically known as the Truman Doctrine, of intervening in democratic elections abroad to promote its commercial and ideological interests.

Canada | Trudeau caibnet expected to debate renewed Ukraine mission

By Murray Brewster

The Liberal government signalled to its allies that it is prepared to extend Canada’s military training mission in Ukraine, CBC News has learned.

A series of senior Ukrainian government officials visited Ottawa over the last few weeks, warning of the dangers of warming frosty relations with Russia.