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Ukraine | Oppositional politician has been arrested in Ukraine

A 73 y.o. leader of the “Union of Left Forces” (socialists) Ivan Bondarchuk was arrested on May 19 and accused of “high treason” for preparing a protest rally against Poroshenko’s policy. He is threatened with 15 years of imprisonment. Ivan Bondarchuk is a deputy head of the Union of Left Forces and the head of the Vinnytsia regional organization of the party.
The head of the “Union of Left Forces” Vasily Volga said that the special services accuse Bondarchuk of preparing a protest rally against president Poroshenko. According to Volga, Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman personally lead the persecution of an objectionable oppositionist.
“Ivan Nikolayevich is one of the most honest and decent people I’ve ever met in my life. This person is infinitely keen on Ukraine and, especially strongly, in his Vinnitsa region.” He personally knows both Poroshenko and Groysman and names them the gravediggers of Ukraine – Poroshenko “Today, these two “figures”, – Volga continues, – each of whom is personally acquainted with Ivan Nikolayevich, personally direct the massacre of him.”
According to Vasily Volga, the arrest of his associate is the revenge of the Kiev regime for the mass celebration of May 9 in Ukraine. The victory in the Great Patriotic War is celebrated on that day. This is the most popular and favorite holiday in Ukraine. However, the Kiev regime is trying to ban it.
A special cynicism of Bondarchuk’s arrest is added by the circumstance that it happened on the eve of the “day of remembrance of victims of political repressions”, when all Ukrainian propaganda pours crocodile tears over “victims of communist totalitarianism”.

Ukraine | Lviv student was sentenced to 2.5 years for quotes from Lenin in Facebook

The court also decided to destroy the “Capital” by Karl Marx as an instrument of crime

The Ukrainian court sentenced a third-year student of the University of Lviv to 2.5 years in prison with a one-year delay for placing Lenin’s citations on social networks.

Ukraine | Ukrainian court convicted activist for five years due to his anti-war position

In Genichesk, Kherson region, the head of the SPAS party Eduard Kovalenko was sentenced to five years of imprisonment under Article 114-1 “Counteraction to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a special period”, reports “17 news”.

Kovalenko is accused of putting up in 2014 against the war in the Donbass and trying to prevent the sending of troops to the zone of the so-called ATO.

USA | A Call for an April 10 International Day of Solidarity with the People of Odessa

The Odessa Solidarity Campaign is calling for an International Day of Solidarity with the People of Odessa on April 10, 2017, to draw attention to the Ukrainian government’s repression of anti-fascist activists in that city. We are calling for rallies, vigils and demonstrations outside Ukrainian embassies and consular offices around the world. April 10 is a date of great significance to all Odessans, as it marks the day in 1944 when Odessa was liberated from years of fascist occupation.

USA | United National Antiwar Coalition is concerned of situation in Odessa, Ukraine

The United National Antiwar Coalition is an alliance of various US non-government organizations opposing US military policy all over the world. Since the year of 2016 the UNAC pays its attention to situation in Odessa and launched Odessa Solidarity Campaign. Odessa is well known city located now in Ukraine. After the coup d’état in Ukraine it became the field of clashes between extreme right Ukrainian nationalists and pro-federalist forces who opposed the coup and proposed to turn Ukraine in federal state. The central government put down protests leaning on fascists and has conducted oppression measures in Odessa till now.