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Ukraine | Opposition journalist has been arrested in Ukraine

On August 2 Ukrainian state security arrested an opposition journalist. The journalist and blogger  Vasily Muravitsky is 32 years old, lives in Zhitomir a city not far from the capital of Ukraine. Previously, he was editor-in-chief of Novaya Volna (New Wave newspaper) – a nationwide weekly of young communist league. After the passage of anti-communization laws, Muravitsky became a reporter for Russian media outlets.

Ukraine | Games of Patriots” with Courts in Ukraine

Over the past two days in Ukraine, there have been events that show how the current system of power of the Kiev government works. It failed to establish a totalitarian regime and is forced to achieve the desired results by selective pressure on its opponents. This is how the prosecutor’s office builds relations with Ukrainian courts when it comes to detaining opposition activists. On June 26, the Odessa court released Anatoly Slobodyanik under house arrest. Slobodyanik and member of the local council Gennady Kushnaryov were arrested allegedly for preparing a kidnapping of the MP Alexei Goncharenko, who has a persistent anti-rating in his native city. Both deny their guilt, and the case materials testify that it was artificially fabricated to arrest oppositionists. Both Slobodyanik and Kushnaryov have health problems.
On June 26, the court granted the defense’s motion and decided to transfer Slobodyanik to house arrest. The next day, a similar petition by Kushnaryov was to be considered. However, on the evening of June 26, opposition media reported that the prosecutor’s office decided to put pressure on the court to prevent Kushnaryov’s release. To this end, the prosecutor appealed for help to fascist activists. They had to appear in a court and put pressure on the judges to make the decision necessary for the prosecutor. June 27 it happened indeed. The fascist crowd filled the court, but the task assigned to it could not be fulfilled. The fascists simply thwarted the court session, so the court did not take any decision. The struggle for the liberation of Kushnaryov will continue.

Ukraine | Ukrainian opposition journalist prosecuted under fabricated pretext

On June 22 about two dozen armed thugs from Ukrainian state security and National police stormed the office of the Ukrainian oppositional “Strana.ua” publication one of a few remaining Ukrainian publications which do not tow the government propaganda line.

Ukraine | Oppositional politician has been arrested in Ukraine

A 73 y.o. leader of the “Union of Left Forces” (socialists) Ivan Bondarchuk was arrested on May 19 and accused of “high treason” for preparing a protest rally against Poroshenko’s policy. He is threatened with 15 years of imprisonment. Ivan Bondarchuk is a deputy head of the Union of Left Forces and the head of the Vinnytsia regional organization of the party.
The head of the “Union of Left Forces” Vasily Volga said that the special services accuse Bondarchuk of preparing a protest rally against president Poroshenko. According to Volga, Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman personally lead the persecution of an objectionable oppositionist.
“Ivan Nikolayevich is one of the most honest and decent people I’ve ever met in my life. This person is infinitely keen on Ukraine and, especially strongly, in his Vinnitsa region.” He personally knows both Poroshenko and Groysman and names them the gravediggers of Ukraine – Poroshenko “Today, these two “figures”, – Volga continues, – each of whom is personally acquainted with Ivan Nikolayevich, personally direct the massacre of him.”
According to Vasily Volga, the arrest of his associate is the revenge of the Kiev regime for the mass celebration of May 9 in Ukraine. The victory in the Great Patriotic War is celebrated on that day. This is the most popular and favorite holiday in Ukraine. However, the Kiev regime is trying to ban it.
A special cynicism of Bondarchuk’s arrest is added by the circumstance that it happened on the eve of the “day of remembrance of victims of political repressions”, when all Ukrainian propaganda pours crocodile tears over “victims of communist totalitarianism”.

Ukraine | Lviv student was sentenced to 2.5 years for quotes from Lenin in Facebook

The court also decided to destroy the “Capital” by Karl Marx as an instrument of crime

The Ukrainian court sentenced a third-year student of the University of Lviv to 2.5 years in prison with a one-year delay for placing Lenin’s citations on social networks.