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Turkey | Occupation strike in Turkey

On December 5 HT Solar a metal factory in Istanbul went on strike. Against the attack of the bosses by layoffs in response to unionization work carried out by the factory committee formed by the workers 600 strong workers first started a strike and then immediately advanced to an occupation of the factory. Their demands were reincorporation of the fired workers and the acknowledging of the trade union.

Turkey | Writer Fikret Başkaya and HDP members detained in Ankara

Turkish police detained writer Fikret Başkaya (77) and some HDP members in Ankara.

The AKP/Palace regime continues attacking opponent intellectuals and writers as well as Kurdish people and their elected representatives.

Turkey | Seventeen Turkish lawyers are in detention in different parts of the country; sixteen of them for several weeks

On the 8th of November 2017, Selcuk Kozagacli, President of the ÇHD, a progressive association of lawyers and a member of the AED, was arrested with great violence and detained in Istanbul. The accusations against our colleague justifying his detention by the Turkish authorities consist of complicity in terrorism.

Turkey | Turkish revolutionary Left: Despotism has lost!

Turkish left forces continue to analize results of recent referendum. DIP, one of country’s left parties, states Erdogan lost the referendum.

The results of the referendum have not become definitive and will in all probability be debated for at least days to come. The extremely controversial decisions of the High Electoral Commission have cast a long shadow on the referendum, in addition to the manner in which the propaganda was carried on before the voting day, with public money and television channels being used in favour of the “Yes” camp in unfettered manner and with Erdoğan acting already as a partisan president, which is what is supposed to be voted on in this referendum, while the “No” campaign was attacked both by the forces of the state and thugs close to the AKP and the fascist party MHP. And despite all of this, the working masses have shown that they will not accept the despotism that is being imposed on Turkey. At least 24 million people have refused the new system.

Turkey | Turkish revolutionary workers call to struggle for the defeat of imperialism and despotism and declare 2017 the “year of the October revolution”

Turkish workers united in The Revolutionary Workers’ Party organized their regular congress and renewed the goal to defeat imperialism and the despotism on the way of construction in Turkey. The congress started with a commemoration died comrades.

The congress emphasized with the resolutions passed during its congress that the future of humanity lies in the defeat of imperialism, in revolution and in socialism, not in the so-called democratic values of the imperialist world or in nationalist dead-ends or reformist utopias. Since the crisis of 2008 has begun racism and fascism on the rise in America, Europe and in other parts of the world as well as revolutionary struggles and peoples’ rebellions should be viewed as an output of that depression. This means that revolutionary dynamics dialectically lie in the opposite poles of the crisis, war and every shade of reactionary forces growing apace.