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Ukraine | State security continues searches and arrests in Ukraine

A few days ago we wrote that the secret services searched the opposition Ukrainian journalist Vladimir Skachko. The journalist was shown suspicion of separatism, and on March 11 he had to appear for interrogation in the city of Kherson. Almost certainly he should have been arrested after interrogation. The case of the journalist received a wide response, and the OSCE mission in Ukraine took up its monitoring.

New Evidence of Nazi-State Alliance in Ukraine

Over the past five years, Ukrainian human rights activists and opposition journalists have repeatedly pointed out that one of the most active neo-Nazi organizations in Ukraine, C-14, operates under the auspices of the Security Service of Ukraine.

The activists of the C-14 are known for many high-profile robber attacks against social activists and random opponents of the Kiev regime. The group was able to legalize itself as a part of municipal guard of the city of Kiev. Even before the legalization of the C-14 group, opposition journalists pointed to numerous indirect evidence of cooperation between C-14 and special services. The facts of the responsibility evasion for unlawful acts and the boastful statements of the Nazi leader Yevgeny Karas about relations with the SBU were cited as evidence.

Ukraine | Chronicle of repression in South Ukraine

Although the acute phase of the political conflict in Ukraine has passed, political repression continues on the territory controlled by Kiev regime. Intelligence agencies carry out arrests and actions of intimidation of disloyal citizens bringing fantastic charges against them.

Arbitrary searches in Ukrainian capital

Last week active oppositional non-government organizations and their leaders were at blow of Ukrainian special services in Kiev.

On November 6 the Security Service of Ukraine carried out searches in the apartment of the human rights activist Elena Berezhnaya and the office of the former deputy head of Kiev City State Administration Irena Kilchytskaya. The SBU suspects Berezhnaya, who planned to carry out an event for the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Kiev from fascist aggressors on November 6th, of state treason.

Ukraine | Ukrainian journalists foiled operation of special services

On September 18, the Ukrainian opposition website “Strana” made a loud statement. The editorial office reported that Ukrainian special services tried to recruit Vyacheslav Seleznyov, a photojournalist of “Strana”. He is known for having found and photographed in the video the villa of Ukrainian President Poroshenko in Spain. After the trip to Spain, the photojournalist faced to problems. He was followed by an external surveillance, his phone was auditioned.