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Ukraine | SBU officer takes DPR side, intends to divulge secret documents

The acting high-ranking security official of Ukraine, Lieutenant-Colonel Roman Labusov, defected to the side of the Donetsk People’s Republic. He has stated this today at a press conference in Donetsk. Labusov was born in Donetsk, he worked at the SBU Directorate in the Donetsk region. Since 2014 he served in Mariupol.

Ukraine | Ukraine: Woman Detained, Held Incommunicado, Tortured

Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) arbitrarily detained a Ukrainian woman, held her incommunicado, and tortured her, Human Rights Watch said today. The authorities charged the woman, Daria Mastikasheva, with treason, and a court in Dnipro has ordered her pretrial detention pending investigation.

Ukraine | State security and tortures: nothing changed in Ukraine

UN High comissioner for rights issued a new report on human rights violation in Ukraine. It is remarkable that nothing changed in state policy of Kiev regime. Its secret services continue arbitrary arrests and tortures. The report tells:

Ukraine | Ukrainian political police carried out new arrests

On February 23 arrests for political motives were resumed in Ukraine. On the day when opponents of Kiev regime celebrate anniversary of the Soviet army of creation, the Ukrainian intelligence agencies arrested three inhabitants of Odessa: Alexander Kushnaryov, Anatoly Slobodyanik and Andrey Zadorozhniy. A. Kushnaryov is a deputy of Limansky village council from the Oppositional block and the father of Gennady Kushnaryov who was killed on May 2, 2014, defending in the Trade Unions Building from attack of the Ukrainian fascists. A. Slobodyanik heads the union of veterans of law enforcement agencies of Odessa region. A. Zadorozhniy is a worker in typography.

Ukraine | State security as terrorist organization

State security service regional office in Odessa turned to be a center of terrorism. This conclusion of state security activity in Ukraine is based on data published by opposition media. As it known two years ago Ukrainian fascists organized massacre in Odessa. Since that time Odessans who lost the relatives carry out commemorative actions on the square Kulikovo Field near the place of mass death of people. Also traditionally unknown people call to police at the days of commemoration and report that the area, where activists gather, is mined. The police surround the area and do not allow holding a meeting near the Trade Unions Building where Odessa residents were killed. However every time the message on a mining of the area proves to be false. The police do not find any bombs. Under the Ukrainian laws the anonymous call by phone with the statement about a mining is considered a crime. Despite it the police still brought nobody charges.
Recently oppositional website “Timer” received an explanation of this riddle from the sources in the Odessa police. As the police officer who wished to remain anonymous reported, the police established long ago from where calls about a mining of the city square arrive. The staff of department of public safety of regional management of police established that calls about a mining of Kulikovo Field arrive from the telephone numbers registered in the building of State security regional office namely from department of protection of national statehood. Under the Ukrainian laws obviously untrue report on preparation of explosion is punished by restriction of freedom for a period of up to three years. However intelligence agencies in this country stand above the law.