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Colombia elects peace process opponent as president

by Adriaan Alsema

Colombia’s voters on Sunday elected Ivan Duque, an inexperienced dynasty politician, to lead the country through an ongoing peace process he has vehemently opposed.

Colombia’s 2nd election round between leftist and conservative

by Mathew Di Salvo

Colombia’s left and right will compete for the presidency in June after hard-line conservative Ivan Duque and ex-guerrilla Gustavo Petro scooped up most of the votes in the first round of elections.

Colombia: Another Social Leader Killed, 4th of 2018

A total of 213 social leaders and human rights defenders have been murdered in Colombia since January 2017 to date

Colombian social leader Francisco Zabala was reportedly killed in Antioquia by gunmen.

UN slams Colombia for failing peace process, warns for international intervention

The United Nations on Friday bashed Colombia’s failures to carry out a peace process and warned for intervention of the International Criminal Court.

The international organization said it was “extremely concerned” over an increase in killing of social leaders in Colombia, and blamed disinterest and corruption for impeding peace in the country.

Le sociocide colombien

José Antonio Gutiérrez Dantón

La situation des (non-)droits humains en Colombie est extrêmement préoccupante. Au lieu d’ouvrir la porte à la paix et à l’espoir, l’après-accord avec les FARC-EP apparaît comme une période marquée par l’incertitude et la violence. Alors qu’on fait des comptes joyeux sur la réduction des morts violentes de membres des  forces dites de sécurité, du côté des organisations et des mouvements populaires et de gauche, la réalité est terrifiante.