Airport strikes across Germany

Staff responsible for checking passengers and cargo have started an 18-hour warning strike at Germany’s biggest airports. An estimated 220,000 passengers are affected. German airport association ADV warned that the strike action More »

Syria refugees flee as camps buried in Lebanon snow storm

Evacuations are underway in the Syrian refugee camps across Lebanon after they were hit by snow storms and floods as part of Hurricane Norma. UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) spokeswoman Lisa More »

Indian workers hold biggest strike in history

150 million Indian workers took strike action in what is reported to be the biggest work stoppage in history. Ten trade union centres and several independent federations joined together for an historic More »

Nicolás Maduro sworn in as President of Venezuela

On January 10, Nicolás Maduro was sworn in as President of Venezuela with the presence of delegations from over 94 countries. Former bus driver and student activist Nicolás Maduro began his second More »

UK Integrity Initiative heavily involved in Skripal affair

by Robert Stevens The Institute for Statecraft (IoS) and its Integrity Initiative (II) constitute a secret propaganda network tied to the UK security services. They bring together high-ranking military and intelligence personnel, More »


Ukraine | Kiev Regime Celebrates Bandera’s Birthday

On Tuesday 18 Ukrainian parliament adopted a list of memorial days for the year of 2019. It starts from the birthday of Stepan Bandera, the leader of Ukrainian Nazi movement. The National Bank will produce commemorative coins, and state mail service will create post envelopes and stamps. The Ministry of Education is obliged to give lessons at schools and higher education institutions devoted to birthday boys, the Ministry of Culture is obliged to organize exhibitions and thematic events, and the Television and Radio Broadcasting Committee is obliged to promote media coverage. The regional authorities are also active in glorification. Lviv regional council proclaimed the year of 2019 a year of Bandera. The decision of the Ukrainian authorities to celebrate the birthday of Stepan Bandera at the official level is blasphemy against the memory of all those who were killed by the hands of Ukrainian nationalists.

Ukraine | Les FAU bombardent Kominternovo et Troudovskyi – Un civil blessé

Alors que les forces armées de la République Populaire de Donetsk (RPD) sont en état d’alerte maximum, l’armée ukrainienne rapproche ses troupes d’assaut de la ligne de front, et bombarde non seulement le sud de la République, mais aussi la périphérie de Donetsk, faisant un blessé parmi les civils.

Ukraine | Background to the present Russia – Ukraine crisis

By Phil Wilayto

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have risen sharply following the Nov. 25 seizure of two Ukrainian gunboats and a tug and the detention of 24 Ukrainian sailors by vessels of the Russian Border Guard. The incident took place as the vessels were attempting to pass from the Black Sea through the narrow Kerch Strait into the Sea of Azov, a shallow body of water bounded by Ukraine to the northwest and Russia to the southeast. After the incident, Russia blocked some additional naval traffic through the strait.

Ukraine | Interview with Vasiliy Volga, the leader of the Ukrainian Union of Left Forces

Introduction by Halyna Mokrushyna

Vasiliy Volga is a veteran of Ukrainian politics and the leader of the Ukrainian party Union of Left Forces. He founded the Union in 2007 after leaving the Socialist Party of Ukraine which, because of internal squabbles, was not able to secure seats in the Verkhovna Rada in the 2007 parliamentary elections. Volga’s position as an active critic of the current Ukrainian political regime based on right-wing nationalism places him under the close surveillance by security services. Very recently, on November 6, his home was searched and he himself was summoned for an interrogation to the office of the Security Service of Ukraine where he was presented with phony, groundless accusations. Vasiliy Volga also receives threats from the extreme right ‘patriots’ of Ukraine. It takes courage to take a leftist, anti-nationalist stance in the stiffing political atmosphere of the post-Euromaidan Ukraine where hundreds of political opponents of the Poroshenko regime have been imprisoned or intimidated. Vasiliy Volga certainly has this courage.

Ukraine | Prosecutor General and Rule of Law in Ukraine

Since the end of November, martial law has been in force in Ukraine. At this time, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko visited Odessa, which is disloyal to the Kiev regime. The visit took place on December 4th and was accompanied by strange actions and shocking statements.

Ukraine |