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Conference Devoted to Fight against Fascism in Ukraine — Gijon, Spain

The talks at the conference in a Spanish town of Gijon were about the fight against fascism in Ukraine. The conference was organized by the Asturian Committee of Solidarity with antifascist Ukraine. The conference was also attended by representatives of the «Essence of Time» public movement, witnesses of the May 2014 Odessa tragedy, and everybody who would like to know what is happening in the South-East of Ukraine.

 Anti-fascist sentiments are growing in Spain. As became known recently, two young men from Spain left for Donbass as volunteers to fight side by side with militiamen in the «Vostok» [East] brigade. A video interview with Spanish volunteers from the Vostok brigade was shown during the conference, as well as a photo exhibition called «Humanitarian catastrophe in Donbass». Vera Rodionova, a coordinator, said that the main goal of the undertaking was «to show the true situation in the South-East of Ukraine and all the crimes  of the current Ukrainian authorities in its true colours». She said, «people should know the truth about what is happening in the South-East of Ukraine.»

 This rally was not the first undertaking of this kind on the territory of Spain. Earlier in Barselona, hundreds of representatives of the anti-fascist Spanish movement came to the central square of the Catalan capital to demonstrate their support to peaceful population of the south-eastern Ukrainian regions. For a while, the Catalan square was covered with placards and posters saying «The West, stop the slaughter in Donbass», «Look how the Ukrainian authorities kill their people», «Poroshenko, do not kill ordinary Ukrainians!» and the slogans were heard: «Poroshenko is a murderer!» An analogous protest was organized in front of the USA embassy in the Spanish capital where several hundred people gathered, including Spaniards and Ukrainians. The participants of this action hung out a large American flag superscribed «Terrorist No.1» and stretched a placard saying «Solidarity with Anti-Fascist Donbass». The demonstrants were yelling the slogans «Stop fascism in Ukraine», «Odessa in our memory», and «USA, hands off Ukraine!»

 According to action’s organizers, these undertakings are very successful. Activists of the «Essence of Time» are going to carry out these rallies not only in different cities of Spain but also in other countries of Europe. In particular, a rally to maintain the fight against fascism in Ukraine is being planned on 2nd September on one of the main squares in Madrid, Puerta-del-Sol, as well as in Berlin, Vienna, Geneva and other cities of Europe.

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