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Sign petition to support the victims of right-wing violence in Odessa

The relatives of victims killed in Odessa massacre ask everybody to sign the petition for UN investigation into this tragedy.

It’s been nearly two years since the world was shocked by reports of the deaths of scores of pro-democracy activists at the hands of extreme right-wing forces in the city of Odessa, Ukraine.
It was barely three months after a violent, right-wing coup overthrew the elected Ukrainian government. The activists had set up a tent city in Odessa’s historic Kulikovo Square to publicize their demand for a national referendum to decide the legitimacy of the coup.
On May 2, a large mob led by organized fascist groups set fire to the camp, forcing the activists to retreat into the nearby five-story House of Trade Unions. The building was then set on fire. Many died of smoke inhalation or were burned alive. Some jumped to their deaths. Some of those attempting to flee the building were shot or beaten to death. One pregnant woman was strangled. At least 46 activists were killed and many more were injured. Unfortunately, Ukrainian authorities never informed how many persons really died and disappeared.
All this occurred under the eyes of the police, which did not intervene, on the ground that it had “no orders”. The fire brigade, located nearby, was called repeatedly for assistance, but took 45 minutes to come.
In a number of cases, the police surprisingly took the victims into custody. Five of them are under arrest in prison till now and 15 others are under house arrest. All 20 are “pro-federalism” supporters. They were all charged for “mass disorder” instead of being individually charged of specific offenses. All indictments are identical, as if they had been cut and pasted from the same model. None of the “pro-government” supporters responsible for the organization and implementation of the murders has been punished. All perpetrators are free.
The official investigations have thus far been inconclusive; there is little evidence against on trial; numerous legal and procedural violations have been observed; the court buildings in Odessa have been repeatedly invaded by right extremist militants who have threatened judges, defense lawyers and families of the defendants, and have sometimes assaulted them; they have interrupted judicial proceedings and in several cases forced judges to recuse themselves; and many documents were fabricated.
Five separate official investigations were ordered by the authorities. None has brought about any tangible result. No one has been punished for any of the deaths, injuries and possible disappearances.
Two years, the victims of the 2 May 2014 Odessa violence are still waiting for truth and justice. There are no indications that Ukrainian authorities could deliver justice for the victims. All of this left them “with no other opportunity than turning to the United Nations as an independent and credible authority to effectively investigate these crimes, and bring perpetrators to justice”. The victims organized in the “Council of mothers of 2 May” “hope that an investigation by the United Nations may encourage renewed effort by the Ukrainian authorities to deliver to the victims and their families a long-awaited and promised justice… and encourage them to effectively investigate and punish the real culprits (the organizers and perpetrators) of this tragedy”.
You can support them and sign petition here

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