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Canada | Ottawa quietly eases restrictions on Canadian military mission in Ukraine

by Lee Berthiaume

The military has quietly expanded its footprint in Ukraine, giving commanders free rein to send their troops anywhere — except where they might run into Russian forces or separatist rebels.

Canada first deployed about 200 troops to Ukraine in the summer of 2015 to help train government forces in their fight against Russian-backed separatists in the eastern part of the country.

Ukraine | Audio Recording of NATO Instructors Found on the Phones of SBU Saboteurs Detained in Lugansk

Experts of the Ministry of State Security of the LPR “pulled” from the phones of the detained Ukrainian saboteurs a recording taken during a class of a training center, carried out by instructors of NATO countries.

Canada | 200 Canadian Mercenaries Travel to Ukraine for Another “Master Class”

The Canadian military will rotate colleagues who have been in Ukraine since 2015.

Two hundred Canadian servicemen recently went to Ukraine from the base in Edmonton for rotation. They will train the Ukrainian military, Ukrinform tells.

The Minister of Defence of Canada Hardzhit Sadzhan declared that his country with pride provides the help to Ukraine.

Ukraine | Western instructors teach Ukrainian soldiers torture new methods

The Russian human rights activists are registering torture new methods appearance used by the Ukrainian soldiers in the “ATO” zone after the fact when the Western instructors started teaching them.

It has been reported by Maksim Grigoryev, the Democracy Problem Investigation Fund Director at the press conference.

USA | Western Media Responds to Latest Ukrainian Sabotage of Crimea

Western governments and media have a problem with the right-wing regime that is governing Ukraine. The country’s economy is a shambles. Even the regime’s own backers in the West acknowledge the country and its economy are hopelessly mired in corruption.