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USA | Just How Progressive Are the Democratic Party “Progressives”?

by Danny Haiphong

It should be all too clear by now that the “Resistance” to Donald Trump within the US power structure is just a public relations stunt to sow popular consensus for war.

“Wall Street Democrats will ruthlessly suppress even the most modest social democratic projects such as the Sanders-wing of the party no matter how much figures like Ocasio-Cortez kiss the imperialist feet of mass murderers like McCain.”

Arbitration Tribunal Rules Against Ecuador, Favors Chevron

Ecuador will be forced to pay economic reparations to the oil giant. The over 30,000 affected people in the Amazon haven’t received any compensation.

he Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague has ruled in favor of oil giant Chevron and declared Ecuador guilty of violating a bilateral investment treaty signed with the United States in 1997, of withholding justice from the company, and for not providing Chevron with “just and equitable” treatment.

USA | One Year Later: Lessons from Charlottesville

by Phil Wilayto

Aug. 13, 2018

This Aug. 12 marked the one-year anniversary of the murderous “alt right” rally in Charlottesville, Va.. The mainstream media have been bursting with commentary, but almost all of it misses the most important lesson from that infamous event: that it was a tremendous victory.

Do Not be Distracted by Rising Imperialists

Seven years after formally ceasing operations, the US navy’s 2nd fleet has been reactivated and ordered to the northern Atlantic as a means of confronting “bad actors” they believe hostile to imperialist interests. It is more than obvious these “actors” are in fact one actor—Russia. This is riding a high-tide of inter-imperialist tension and rivalry over control in strategic political and economic areas throughout the Third World. The United States, desperately attempting to hold onto its empire, sees any and all Russian activity—even its existence—as a threat to its survival. This is by no means exclusive to the Russian imperialists. China is a power capable of dislodging American imperialist hegemony from strategic markets, a reality that has stoked a similar policy in Asia.

USA | Demanding an End to ‘Modern Day Slavery,’ US Prisoners Launch Multi-Day Nationwide Strike

On the anniversary of George Jackson’s death, prisoners launched a multi-day national strike. The action was taken after an April riot at a prison where guards watched while seven inmates were killed. Strikers are demanding basic human rights.