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Ukraine | Cannibal in Ukrainian parliament

Ukrainian MP Yevhen Rybchinski, elected from Poroshenko’s block, said on November 23 in Ukrainian TV channel 24:
“I do not care what is happening in Lugansk. I’m not interested in the life of cockroaches. Even if a million cockroaches would be born in my kitchen – this does not mean that it belongs to them. No statuses and no special regimes for cockroaches, only dichlorvos [insecticide] – a lot of dichlorvos. Well, a couple of thousands of Javelins, of course ” – this was stated with regard to the US supplies of missile systems Javeline for Ukrainian army and talks on special autonomous status for Donbass region.
Now compare this rhetoric about “cockroaches” with the rhetoric of Rwandian genocide – the same terms and the same speeches.

Ukraine | Monument honoring anti-Semitic nationalist leader erected in Ukraine

The World Jewish Congress has denounced the Ukrainian city of Vinnitsa’s “disgraceful and deplorable” move to celebrate nationalist leader Symon Petliura, whose Ukrainian People’s Republic killed tens of thousands of Jews in programs under his watch in 1918-1921, and urged the local authorities to pull a monument unveiled over the weekend in his honor.

Ukraine | A chilling rewriting of history is taking place in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Communist Party leader Petro Symonenko speaks to Ben Chacko about the Institute of National Memory and the wave of destruction engulfing his country

CLASHES over the removal of statues to Confederacy leaders in the United States have dominated headlines over the past month.

Ukraine | European MEPs Will Address the Problem of Neo-Fascism in Ukraine

A group of Deputies in the European Parliament (EP) are creating a special format of a working group for discussion about the problem of the spreading neo-fascist moods in Ukraine. On September 27th the first hearing on this topic will take place. The organizers, who consider it to be important to show “an objective picture of what is going on in the country”, reported to “Izvestiya”. All Deputies of the EP are invited to the meeting. Guests from the Ukrainian side are also expected.

Ukraine | Police and fascists joint front in Ukraine

At night on August 24 Ukrainian police guarded Ukrainian fascists in Odessa while fascists pulled down and desecrated monument to the Soviet marshal Georgiy Zhukov well known for his struggle against fascism in the second world war. Fascist thugs pulled down the monument and transported it to another part of the city. When they beat it with legs and symbolically hang it. They finished their derision with traditional fascist firework.