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Ukraine | A stream from Banderovits day

After a coup d’etate far-right extremists came to power in Ukraine. It was a first time after a long period when neo-fascists entered a government in European country. Since that time new reactionary rulers of Ukraine have done many reforms. One of them is a new Day of Ukraine’s defender. This day was established according to Ukrainian fascist tradition. During the Second World War Ukrainian fascists known as Banderovits’ celebrated the October 14 as a day of their armed forces. Now days this date became a state holiday in Ukraine and celebrated officially.

Ukraine | The day of collective madness

On October 4, the Parliament of Ukraine adopted three scandalous decisions.

First of all, the greeting of the Ukrainian fascists was introduced in the Kiev-controlled army and police. Now senior military and police officers should greet their subordinates with the words “Glory to Ukraine!”, and those in response should say “Glory to the heroes!”. This greeting was used by the Ukrainian fascists during the Second World War. The proposal was supported by 271 deputies from total number of 423.

Ukraine | The speaker of Ukrainian parliament states: ‘Hitler is a greatest democrat’

by Dmytriy Kovalevich

And on ‘direct democracy’. Ukraine’s Parliament speaker Andriy Parubiy said in the today’s interview that the “greatest democrat was Adolf Hitler”. He claimed it in the interview to Ukrainian TV-channel ICTV, as report Ukraine’s media.
“I’m a great supporter of direct democracy. By the way, I can tell you, that the greatest man who practiced direct democracy was Adolf Hitler in 1930s”, – said A.Parubiy, commandant (chief) of the Maidan encampment in 2014, former founder of the Ukraine’s Social-Nationalist Party and current parliamentary speaker.

Ukraine | Fascists again attacked the people of Odessa

On September 2 in Odessa , a group of Ukrainian fascists attacked  residents of the city who traditionally gather at Kulikovo field near the Trade Unions House to pay tribute to the memory of those who died there during the May 2, 2014 clashes. On that day, a crowd of  fascists  burned in the House of Trade Unions more than forty  people  who opposed the ultra-right coup that took place in Ukraine.

Ukraine | Fascists threaten the independence of the court in the capital of Ukraine

On the last day of July, representatives of the ultra-right organization C14 broke into the premises of the National Academy of Advocates of Ukraine (NAAU) in Kiev. Three dozen young people tried to disrupt the meeting of the defense lawyers’ committee. The lawyers called in the Podolsky district police department and replaced them with a request to send uninvited guests. The police said they did not see any violations and simply contemplated the continuation of the conflict between lawyers and fascists.
The reason was the conflict between fascists and lawyer Valentin Rybin in the building of the Court of Appeal of Kiev. On July 18, the court seized Sergei Mazur, one of the leaders of the fascist gang C14, accused of gypsy pogrom. On July 27, the court considered an appeal for his arrest. Several dozen fascists came to support their leader and met in court lawyer Rybin. They insulted the lawyer and tried to beat him. In response, the lawyer applied to the National Advocates Association of Ukraine, asking for an assessment of the situation. An emergency meeting of the relevant committee was scheduled for July 31. Then the fascists seized the meeting hall, and the police were inactive.