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Ukraine | March on 8th of March. Violence in Ukraine: the Story of a Banner

Ukrainian feminist activists organized a march for women rights in the international women day and faced to right violence in the center of Kiev.

Feminist Alyona Lyasheva tells the story in her blog:

“For 8th of March we have decided to raise several problems, which women in Ukraine are faced with everyday. Among those: poverty and precarious working conditions, domestic violence, church leaders lobbying the Istanbul Convention rejection, as well as a problem turned daily experience – radical right-wing violence against feminist and LGBT+ activists.

Ukraine | New Maidan Massacre Bombshell

by Ivan Katchanovski

Another Maidan massacre bombshell: In a documentary broadcast by an Israeli TV channel, two more Georgians stated that they had orders to shoot both police and protesters in order to continue Maidan protests and overthrow the Yanukovych government. They gave similar testimonies to testimonies provided by three other Georgians to the Italian, Macedonian and Israeli TV, Russian media, and Berkut lawyers about involvement of two Maidan leaders from then the Fatherland Party, who became senior government leaders (Parubii and Pashynsky), and Saakashvili’s military adviser in the Maidan massacre. Parubii, who currently heads the Ukrainian parliament, was also previously a leader of the neo-Nazi Social National Party, which later became Svoboda, and its paramilitary wing, called Patriot of Ukraine, which became a part of the Right Sector during the Maidan. These two Georgians also gave similar testimony about the involvement of an ex-US military sniper and Parasiuk in this mass killing and that Saakashvili attended one of their meetings. They stated that they were based in the Hotel Ukraina and the Music Conservatory and saw there about two dozen snipers, in particular, from Georgia, Ukraine and Estonia.

Ukraine | Ukraine’s media are threaten again

On February 8, in Kiev, employees of the military prosecutor’s office, police and state agency for the search and management of assets seized the premises in the Gulliver office center, where the media holding ‘Vesti’ was located. “Vesti” has a newspaper and radio emission, which adheres to a moderate opposition line.
Around 6:00 several dozens of power services employees in masks broke into the editorial offices. Having seized control over them, they refused to let the employees of the holding company at working place, as well as the company’s lawyers.
The operation was conducted by the investigator of the military prosecutor Vitaly Opanasenko and the lawyer of the ASMA Andrei Potemkin. Following power services employees, representatives of a private security firm entered the premises and blocked access to the premises. They claim to represent a new tenant of the area.
Before this law-enforcers for some time carried out from the editorial office of “Vesti” certain things.
During the blockade of ‘Vesti’ editorial office in the office center tear gas was used against journalists.
Before the current attack, the power services employees had already rehearsed. On February 3, employees of the National Agency for the search and management of assets visited the office of Vesti Media Holding. However, they came on a Sunday, when the entire office center was closed. After their visit ‘Vesti’ announced preparations for the forcible seizure of its office.

Secret court document exposes state looting in Ukraine

A secret Ukrainian court ruling has, for the first time, exposed exactly how former President Viktor Yanukovich stole nearly $1.5bn from the country. It has also revealed that President Petro Poroshenko’s former financial advisers played a role in the fraud, embarrassing the government.

Canada | Kiev hails US & Canada for greenlighting lethal arms supplies that could kill Ukraine peace process

By including Ukraine on the list of countries approved for lethal weapons sales, Canada has become a side in a bloody civil war, undermining a shaky peace process, a senior Russian senator said, as Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko applauded the move.