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UK | Lecturers’ strike update: no capitulation

by Des Freedman and Vladimir Unkovski-Korica

he deal reached between the employers and UCU negotiators to end the pensions strikes is a huge blow to thousands of university staff who are determined to fight for fair pensions. We should reject the deal and lobby the Higher Education Committee of UCU to show the same commitment to our futures as the ordinary members who have thrown themselves into this dispute.

UK | Neo-Nazi groups recruit Britons to fight in Ukraine

by Kevin Rawlinson

Neo-Nazi groups involved in the fighting in Ukraine are actively seeking to recruit British far-right activists, a leading anti-fascist watchdog has warned.

At least two Britons are thought to have travelled to the war-torn eastern European country in recent months after encouragement by people linked to the Azov battalion, a notorious Ukrainian fascist militia, according to Hope Not Hate.

UK | Lecturers strike day one: A bad day for the casino

University strikers across the UK are reporting the most successful and well supported industrial action for years

‘Casinos are for the rich to gamble in. They are not places to put our wages.’ That is how one Manchester lecturer summed up the spirit behind the growing rebellion over pensions in the universities. A colleague reported a mood of anger and determination at the university, ‘At least 15  buildings had their separate entrances well covered by staff angry at another great pension robbery. Most people were surprised by the turnout and then overjoyed to see a student march turn up soon after 8am!’

UK | Slave owner compensation was still being paid off by British taxpayers in 2015

Bristol taxpayers in 2015 were still paying off debt borrowed by the government to “compensate” slave owners in 1833, the Treasury has revealed.

The revelations show that the £20 million (US$28 million) the government spent to reimburse the owners of slaves – who themselves were some of Britain’s richest businessmen – took the taxpayer 182 years to pay off. The descendants of slaves were never compensated, but it appears some would have been paying to compensation slave owners.

UK | CP of Britain: We won’t be silenced

The CP of Britain faced with strange reaction of the Facebook administrators on the international solidarity day with Ukrainian left activists. British communists state:

On 10th February, just as members and supporters of the CP were participating in Young Communist League protests against repression in the Ukraine, without warning or reason, Facebook unpublished our page.