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USA | Angela Davis: An Interview on the Futures of Black Radicalism

 “The concept associated with Black Marxism that I find most productive and most potentially transformative is the concept of racial capitalism…. Global capitalism cannot be adequately comprehended if the racial dimension of capitalism is ignored.”

India | Over 40.000 inhabitants of Narmada Valley in India are evicted after blocking the river with a dam

The concerned citizens and civil society groups across India, declare their support and solidarity with the struggle of the people of Narmada Valley and challenge the unlawful and unjust decision of the Government of India to close the Sardar Sarovar Dam gates and evict 40,000 families by force.

France | Just one day after Emmanuel Macron’s election and Paris holds its first protest

Less than 24 hours after being elected the new president of France Emmanuel Macron faced his first street protests organised by trade unions.

The protest was organised under the name of the “Social Front” which had already staged protests before the second round to show their anger over the choice of candidates Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron.

Serbian government actively blocks the unity of the protests

by Marko Stričević

Current mass protests throughout the Republic of Serbia are the culmination of years of dissatisfaction of the population with the systematic devastation of the welfare state, privatization of public enterprises and the persistent insistence of political and economic elites on the introduction of so-called austerity measures. The trigger for the protests was the outcome of the recent presidential elections which were won by the current Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić. A short report and summary of the situation has been prepared for us by Marko Stričević, an active participant in the protests and a member of Marks21.

South Korea | CIA reports on Gwangju uprising declassified

By Kim Hyo-jin

A civic organization said Thursday that it is analyzing CIA documents declassified this week to find answers to remaining questions about the 1980 Gwangju civil uprising.

The May 18 Memorial Foundation, a Gwangju-based civic body that investigates the movement and manages commemoration projects, said it started searching for the CIA documents relevant to the Gwangju movement.