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Why Did an American Hit Squad Kill Politicians in Yemen?

While Washington is in a frenzy over the apparent Saudi government murder of a Saudi Washington Post journalist, little attention is being paid to news that the United Arab Emirates hired an “guns for hire” company founded by an Israeli-American to assassinate members of a political party in Yemen. Pentagon and CIA trained special operations troops were used to carry out the assassinations, including a plan to blow up the party’s headquarters building. While Russian involvement in our elections has yet to be proven, certainly blowing up a foreign political party headquarters and assassinating its leaders qualifies as election meddling. But it’s Ok if we do it? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Saudi Arabia Admits Mistakes in Targeting in Yemen

Investigators ask how many times Saudis can accidentally bomb same civilian targets

Addressing the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child on Monday with respect to the massive civilian death toll in the Saudi invasion of Yemen, Saudi officials made rare admissions of fault, saying that they had made “mistakes” in targeting and were working hard to rectify the problem.

Fight against the imperialist-backed Saudi-UAE war on Yemen!

On August 8 in Northern Yemen, which is entirely under Houthi control, the Saudi-led coalition bombed a bus near or inside a market place, killing dozens or even scores of civilians. Among those killed were at least 29 children on their way to a summer camp. The Saudis were adamant in the legitimacy of this “operation”, claiming that it was in retaliation to a Houthi missile sent to southern Saudi Arabia, killing one person. These allies of the “international community”, i.e. of imperialism are brazenly defending a massacre by recourse to the concept of retaliation! What on earth does the killing of children eight or nine years old have to do with military retaliation? These people do not even have the minimal decency to admit to wrongdoing of the most obvious kind. Normal when one remembers that it the past they have systematically bombed schools, hospitals, weddings and even the dead, during funerals.

USA | PBS Report from Yemen: As Millions Face Starvation, American-Made Bombs Are Killing Civilians

The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen is incredibly difficult to cover on the ground, with many obstacles for journalists hoping to access the capital Sana’a and other areas affected by the U.S.-backed, Saudi-led coalition bombings. We speak with a reporter who smuggled herself into northern Yemen to report on the widespread famine and devastation there in an exclusive three-part series for ”PBS NewsHour.” Special correspondent Jane Ferguson is a Beirut-based special correspondent. Her pieces are titled “Yemen’s spiraling hunger crisis is a man-made disaster,” “American-made bombs in Yemen are killing civilians, destroying infrastructure and fueling anger at the U.S.” and “Houthis deny U.S., Saudi claim that they are Iran’s puppets.”

Fierce clashes as coalition forces enter Yemen’s Hodeidah airport

Forces backed by a Saudi-led coalition fighting for Yemen’s main port city of Hodeidah have stormed its airport, according to residents and military sources.

The United Arab Emirates’ WAM state news agency said that coalition fighters backed by Emirati armed forces had taken large areas of the airport compound.