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Violence escalates in Yemen between anti-Saudi forces

Heavy smoke billowed over Sana’a, Saturday, as clashes between Houthi fighters and forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh continued for the fourth consecutive day.

The fighting has reportedly involved heavy artillery and rocket launchers, killing scores of fighters on both sides and forcing many local residents to leave their homes.

USA | Yemen? Where on Earth is Yemen?

At the end of last week the United Nations humanitarian chief warned that unless the blockade of Yemen was lifted, the country woul face “the largest famine the world has seen for many decades, with millions of victims”.

France | Yémen : 10.000 civils tués dans l’indifférence générale

Le bilan du nombre de civils tués au Yémen, où une coalition menée par l’Arabie saoudite mène depuis mars 2015 des frappes aériennes pour défendre le pouvoir en place face à une rébellion, a encore été réévalué ce lundi à la hausse par l’ONU.

Cette guerre dont l’Occident ne parle pas. Et pourtant, pas moins de 10.000 civils ont été tués au Yémen depuis le début de l’intervention d’une coalition menée par l’Arabie saoudite en mars 2015, a indiqué ce lundi 16 janvier un porte-parole de l’ONU. Les Nations unies ont ainsi revu à la hausse leur estimation du nombre de victimes civiles (7.000 auparavant).

More than 50 dead in Yemen fighting near key shipping lane

Fighting in Yemen has killed 55 rebels and soldiers in two days after the government launched a major offensive in a coastal area near key shipping lanes, officials said Wednesday.

UK | Saudi Arabia resumes Yemen bombing campaign after peace talks collapse

At least 14 people have been killed in Sanaa as Saudi Arabia resumed its bombardment of the Yemeni capital.

The civilians, who were working overnight shifts at a potato chip factory in the Nahda district, were killed following the disintegration of peace talks, according to medics.