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Ukraine | Georgian ex-president Saakashvili arrested in Ukraine

Ex-Georgian citizen, ex-president and ex-governor of Odessa region Michael Saakashvili was arrested by Ukrainian secret police on December 8. It was the second attempt. The first one was not fruitful. Firstly Saakashvili was arrested at the mid of the day while opposition protest took place in the capital of Ukraine. But supporters of a former Georgian politician encircled a car of secret police, broke inside and liberated their leader. It was humiliating for police so next time it prepared better and arrested Saakashvili at night in private flat. His supporters were unable to prevent arrest.

Ukraine | Ukraine police open criminal case after former Georgian leader Saakashvili breaks through border

Ukrainian police say they have opened criminal proceedings into the illegal border crossing of former Georgian president and Odessa governor Mikhail Saakashvili, during which he and his supporters publicly forced their way through a cordon on the Polish border.

Ukraine | Saakashvili became a stateless person

The former Georgian president and former governor of the Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili was deprived of Ukrainian citizenship.
The corresponding decree was signed by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.
It was confirmed in the State Migration Service. The department was informed that the decision was made on the basis of paragraph 2 of Article 19 of the Law “On Citizenship”. It is noted that Saakashvili indicated false data in the questionnaire: the documents that Saakashvili filled to obtain Ukrainian citizenship indicated that he was not under investigation in Ukraine or abroad, but he was arrested in absentia on the territory of Georgia.

Ukraine | Saakashvili dismissed from Odessa region governor

Mikhael Saakashvili former Georgian president responsible for war in Caucasus region failed to build his political career in Ukraine. Today Ukrainian president Poroshenko dismissed him. Saakashivi was appointed to Odessa region governor one and a half year before. That unexpected decision shocked a lot of people both in Odessa and out of Ukraine.

Ukraine | Saakashvili quits as Odessa governor with all guns blazing

By Bryan MacDonald

This is what happens when a loose cannon backfires. Eighteen months after he arrived in Odessa promising to reform the notoriously corrupt region, Mikhail Saakashvili has exited his post as governor.

While I’m writing this, a song by Swedish rockers The Hives is bouncing around my brain. It’s called ‘Hate to Say I Told You So’. The tune is apt right now, because what everyone who understands Ukraine – and doesn’t live in cloud cuckoo land – warned would eventually happen is happening. Maidan is eating itself. And it hasn’t taken very long either.