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Turkey | Erdogan and Putin lay key piece of TurkStream

TurkStream natural gas pipeline project ready to operate in 2019 after tests, says Turkish President Erdogan.

With the Turkish and Russian presidents doing the honors, on Friday the last offshore section of a landmark natural gas pipeline was put into place.

Turkey | Turkey agrees to pay Russia $2.5B for S-400 missile systems, official says

Turkey has agreed to pay Russia 2.5 billion dollars for its most advanced missile defense system S-400, an official said late Thursday.

The official, speaking to Bloomberg on condition of anonymity, said that the regional power wanted to build its own missile defense systems.

Turkey | EU wants Turkey’s Erdogan to be the next ‘Yanukovych’

by Said Gafurov

When discussing the recent scandal in the relations between Turkey and the European Union, many pay attention to the electoral aspect of this conflict – the forthcoming elections in Germany and France and a referendum in Turkey. However, it remains unclear why Turkish President Erdogan has decided to go to the length of the conflict.

Turkey | Erdogan nurtures jihadist mindset in Turkey’s police

By Abdullah Bozkurt

As part of a nurturing campaign by Turkey’s Islamist rulers, led by autocratic president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to raise an ideologically-committed, new generation of religious zealots, radical groups have for some time been infiltrating the nation’s main law enforcement agency, the police department. It is responsible for the safety and security of 79 per cent of the country’s population, with the rest being protected by the gendarmerie and coast guard.

China | Russia, Turkey mend ties

By Chen Weihua

Foreign policy experts have praised the meeting on Tuesday between Russian President Vladimir and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the first between the two since Ankara shot down a Moscow warplane in November.

The meeting in Putin’s hometown of St Petersburg was Erdogan’s first trip abroad since the failed coup against him last month that has marred Turkey’s relations with the United States.