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Ukraine | Western diplomats advocate Russian language

The oppression of Russian language continues in Ukraine. On September 18, the members of the Lviv regional council decided to impose a moratorium on the public “use of the Russian-language cultural product” in the region. According to Ukrainian nationalists, the decision was made “to protect the Ukrainian information space from the hybrid effects of the aggressor state and to overcome the consequences of long-term language russification, taking into account the numerous appeals of patriotic and veteran public organizations.” The propagandists of the Kiev regime call Russia the aggressor state.

Ukraine | Ukraine continues discrimination of national minorities

On February 28, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine declared the law “On the Basics of the State Language Policy”, adopted in 2012, unconstitutional. The law guaranteed the rights of the national minorities languages ​​and was agreed with EU experts. The first attempt to abolish the law was made exactly four years ago in February 2014, when a coup d’état took place in Kiev. Then the Ukrainian parliament voted to repeal this law. This decision provoked a wave of protests in the south-east of Ukraine and became one of the reasons for the uprising in the Donbas. Frightened of the protests, the then Speaker of the Parliament Turchinov did not sign the already adopted resolution.

Ukraine | Discrimination of national minorities in Ukraine

September 28 a new law on education came into force in Ukraine. The law introduces an actual ban on education in any language other than Ukrainian. Since 2018, classes with the teaching of subjects in the languages ​​of national minorities will remain only in the junior school. Since the 5th grade, the teaching of subjects in the languages ​​of national minorities will have been almost completely eliminated. Since 2020, education in Ukraine will become fully Ukrainian-speaking. The national minorities will be allowed teaching only individual subjects in native languages.
The law reduces the number of subjects required for study from 22 to 9. Integration courses “nature and man”, “man and the world” will be created instead of physics, chemistry, biology, geography and astronomy. Languages ​​and literature will merge into the subject of “literature”, and algebra and geometry will return to the general course of mathematics.
The law increases the lack of rights of teachers in relations with the administration. Teachers will be short-term contracted for labor instead of a unlimited labor contract. Directors of schools will be allowed to hold this position for no more than 6 years.
The law allows dramatically reducing the number of schools in rural areas, and shifts the funding of vocational schools to local budgets. This will lead to a mass closure of schools and colleges.
The law infringes the interests of millions of national minorities – Russians, Hungarians, Romanians, Moldovans, Greeks, Poles and Bulgarians. In this connection, the diplomatic representatives of Russia, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece and Moldova condemned the new Ukrainian law on education. The toughest position was taken by Hungary. The Foreign Minister ordered that Hungarian diplomats should not support and even block any Ukrainian initiative in international organizations.
On September 14, the foreign ministers of Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece and Romania signed a warning letter to the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry because of the new law on education. They hoped that the president of Ukraine would veto this law. However, Petro Poroshenko signed it.
The US was the only country where the law was perceived positively. The United States Embassy in Ukraine responded to the adoption of the new law on education by tweeting: “Congrats to Ukraine on moving forward w education reform–investing in youth Key 4 future.”

Ukraine | Kiev regime bans teaching in Russian language in Ukraine

As Ukrainian Strana.ua reports, Ukrainian MPs announced the start of educational reform. They adopted a law during the first plenary session of the Parliament that will launch the reform. President Poroshenko has already approved the law, having remarked that new Ukrainian school is opening its door to the new generation of Ukrainians – competent, patriotic and opened to the world.
The implementation of the larger part of this reform is scheduled for September 1st, 2018. Website Strana.ua reviewed the innovations that Ukrainian education system is facing.
It appears that millions of Ukrainian citizens will be unable to provide schooling in their native tongue to their children.
Until now many schools with Russian language of teaching existed in Ukraine, as well as schools teaching in other minority languages, such as Hungarian, Romanian and others.
The presence of Russian-language schooling (although the number of schools went down gradually) was one of the main arguments in favour of the claim that Ukraine respects the rights of its Russian-speaking population, perceiving them as proper citizens.
This is history now.
The law introduces a virtual ban on teaching in any language apart from the Ukrainian.
The following provision of the law was adopted in the second reading: beginning with 2018 only the junior school will retain the grades, in which the teaching will be carried out in minority languages. Teaching in these languages will stop in the 5th grade, from that time in the children will be taught in Ukrainian only. This provision will last till 2020 only. Beginning with 2020 the education will be in Ukrainian only.
The law provides small favors for the representatives of “the indigenous people’s” (they will be allowed to study in separate grades), as well as for English and the languages of the European Union, in which teaching of several subjects can be conducted (perhaps, this must pacify the Hungarians and Romanians). Education in Russian will be eliminated totally.

Ukraine | Russian culture is discriminated in Ukraine

On April 8, Russian cultural societies in different countries of the world conducted a “total dictation”. This is an annual educational event in the form of a voluntary dictation for all those who want to test their knowledge of the Russian language. Outside of Russia, the majority of Russian speakers live in Ukraine. However, it was there that the “total dictation” was thwarted. In Kiev, the cultural and educational organization Rossotrudnichestvo planned to hold on this day a “total dictation” and a conference “Towards Peace and Creation through Spiritual Culture.” Both events were foiled by Ukrainian Nazis from the party “National Corps” and the Civil Corps “Azov”. They attacked the building of “Rossotrudnichestvo” in Kiev, blocked all entrances and exits, and then penetrated into the building. Activists of these Nazi organizations also attacked the Russian Drama Theater in Nikolayev, where a “total dictation” was also to take place. The theater administration had to close the entrance to the building. The organizers of the event in Odessa decided not to conduct a “total dictation” for security reasons. Under pressure from the outside, dictations were also canceled in Kharkov and Zhitomir. In no case the police ensure the safety of the event.
At the same time, official representatives of the Kiev government argue that Russian culture is not subject to discrimination in Ukraine.