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A red flag over Raqqa

GARY OAK presents a photograph of International Freedom Battalion members recreating the famous 1945 photo Raising a Flag over the Reichstag

TO MARK the victory over Isis in its de facto capital Raqqa, members of the International Freedom Battalion (IFB), an alliance of left-wing groups fighting alongside the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), recreated the famous 1945 photo of the Red Army on the Reichstag.

“Rojava revolution is a response to the plot against Öcalan”

On the 19th anniversary of the October 9 plot against Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, HPG and YJA Star guerrillas said that the Rojava Revolution is a response to the plot.

Speaking to ANF Turkish service the guerrillas said the plot against Öcalan is frustrated and they will continue to struggle until the Kurdish leader is free.

Rojava. Les Kurdes entre utopie et guerres

Jean Michel Morel

Un autre futur pour le Kurdistan. Municipalisme libertaire et confédéralisme démocratique de Pierre Bance et l’ouvrage collectif mené sous la direction de Stephen Bouquin, Mireille Court et Chris Den Hond, La Commune du Rojava. L’alternative kurde à l’État-nation sont deux livres récemment publiés qui tentent d’éclairer, au-delà du dur combat pour un Kurdistan confédéral et démocratique, le projet de société, l’utopie émancipatrice qui guide les Kurdes.

Solidarity campaign with the International Freedom Battalion in Rojava

Since September 2015, Red Aid Belgium have been raising money in support of the International Freedom Battalion. The money is being used to purchase Celox Gauze haemostatic wound dressings that are designed to control major haemorrhage including life-threatening bleeding from arterial injuries. They are simple and effective, stopping major bleeding with three minutes of compression. Without these types of dressings over 60% of those injured with gunshot wounds bleed to death before they are able to be treated.

USA | Leftists Need to Pay More Attention to Rojava

By Michelle Goldberg

There is an astonishing story in Sunday’s New York Times about Rojava, a Kurdish region in Northern Syria that’s ruled by militant feminist anarchists. Rojava’s constitution enshrines gender equality and religious freedom. An official tells journalist Wes Enzina that every position at every level of government includes a female equivalent of equal power. Recruits to Rojava’s 6,000-strong police force receive their weapons only after two weeks of feminist instruction. Reading Enzina’s piece, it’s hard to understand how this radical experiment in democracy in one of the bloodiest corners of the world isn’t better known internationally, particularly on the left.