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USA | Angela Davis: An Interview on the Futures of Black Radicalism

 “The concept associated with Black Marxism that I find most productive and most potentially transformative is the concept of racial capitalism…. Global capitalism cannot be adequately comprehended if the racial dimension of capitalism is ignored.”

The State of Human Rights and Race Relations in America

Opinion- Democracy has to be the wishes of the majority but have protection of the minority. The United States of America which prides itself as the beacon of light the hope of the world, the model for which all democracies must aspire, has been rattled by the surge of protests regarding police violence and brutality towards African Americans. The reality is that if the videos of the treatment of black people in America had been in Zimbabwe, Russia or China the US government would have been the first to condemn them as human rights abuses. America stands up for minorities around the world but strike back with the barrel of an assault weapon when its own citizens demand justice.