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Nationwide strike by Tunisia’s public sector workers

Tunisian public sector workers ignored an appeal to limit calls for protest by the Tunisian President Beji Caïd Essebsi on Thursday by turning up in their numbers to continue requests for pay rise.

The general strike of the Tunisian public sector workers was well attended on Thursday.

Tunisia: 90% public sector workers on strike

On Thursday November 22, the deputy general secretary of the UGTT (Tunisia General Federation of Workers) reported that the number of public sector workers on strike responding to the appeal of the unions affiliated to the UGTT was close to 90%. Except hospital emergency wards, all the public sectors were at a standstill.

USA | West Virginia Teachers’ Strike Fever Starting to Spread to Other States

The West Virginia teachers’ strike now entering its second week appears to be inspiring the nation. It looks now like the teachers’ militancy to strike has inspired many of their students as well as teachers in other states.

Romania | Romania: Anti-austerity strike wave culminates in huge public sector strike

by Alex Moldovan

The severe austerity implemented in Romania in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, carried out on the backs of working people, has spurred a period of accelerated economic growth and rising profits but it has been at the expense of the hard strapped workers of Romania. In this context the pent up anger and frustration has led to the calling of indefinite strikes in the public sector, starting today.

Public services grind to halt in Greek general strike

Clashes briefly broke out Thursday between riot police and protesters in central Athens during the first general strike since the country’s left-led government initially came to power in January.

Youths broke away from a protest march by thousands as it passed outside parliament and threw Molotov cocktails at police who responded with tear gas and stun grenades. Demonstrators scattered, but calm returned within the hour.

Nearly 25,000 people participated in three separate demonstrations in central Athens, according to police figures, to protest a new round of bailout-related tax hikes and spending cuts. Another 10,000 marched without incident through the country’s second largest city of Thessaloniki.