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Ecuador socialist wins presidency, rival cries foul

Socialist Lenin Moreno was set to extend a decade of leftist rule in Ecuador on Monday, April 3 after official results showed him winning the presidential election, as his conservative rival cried foul, AFP reports.

Both candidates claimed victory on the basis of conflicting exit polls from Sunday’s runoff, but with 96.94 percent of districts reporting the National Electoral Council said that Moreno — the designated heir to President Rafael Correa’s “21st-century socialism” — won 51.12 percent of the vote against 48.88 percent for ex-banker Guillermo Lasso.

France | France: Another Ghastly Presidential Election Campaign; the Deep State Rises to the Surface

by Diana Johnstone

As if the 2016 U.S. presidential election campaign hadn’t been horrendous enough, here comes another one: in France.

The system in France is very different, with multiple candidates in two rounds, most of them highly articulate, who often even discuss real issues. Free television time reduces the influence of big money. The first round on April 23 will select the two finalists for the May 7 runoff, allowing for much greater choice than in the United States.

Lenin wins in Ecuador

Observers from international organizations have reported that Ecuador’s elections Sunday were transparent and asked Ecuadoreans to calmly wait for the final results, as opposition candidates have launched accusations of fraud and threatened destabilization if the left-wing front-runner Lenin Moreno wins in the first round.

France | French workers oppose both presidential election and EU

Organizing Committee for a Break with the European Union and the Fifth Republic was formed by several workers’ movements in France. The Committee states it has been already supported by 12,854 French workers. They grouped together around a call affirming that there is nothing to be expected from the coming elections, from the point of view of the workers’ interests, and that a break from the existing institutions is necessary. (This is independent of the position of each on the candidates who are standing).

USA | Imagining a Sanders Presidency Beginning on Jan. 20

by Dave Lindorff

Standing before a sea of humanity — people of all ages and races, stretching out from the Lincoln Monument back as far as the Capitol building– a sea vaster than any demonstration in the history of the nation’s capital, the unkempt white-haired senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, a self-described independent socialist maverick who decided to take his oath of office on the steps where Martin Luther King once spoke, instead of the traditional spot at the Capitol building, called out to the American people to join him in “taking back our country from the smug, self-satisfied rich and the corporations that have been pretending to be persons!”