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Ukraine | The accused in the May 2 case are acquitted

Today, on September 18, the city court of Illichyovsk announced the verdict in the May 2 case. In the year of 2014 the Kiev regime accused their political opponents of organizing the riots in Odessa accompanied by the death of civilians. 19 people were under investigation for three years. Five of them spent all this time in pre-trial detention.
Today the court announced the verdict. Contrary to forecasts, the verdict was voiced in one day. In content, it became a verdict for the prosecutor’s office and investigators. The court consistently disassembled the prosecution’s arguments and showed its monstrous non-professionalism, political bias and irresponsibility.
First of all, the testimony of witnesses could not confirm the involvement of supporters of federalization in the organization of mass riots. Judges concluded that the key witness of the prosecution was dependent on the investigation. Therefore, he could stipulate the defendants, and his testimony may be unreliable.
Some of the evidence was found inadmissible. For example, it was the recognition of the accused Dolzhenkov on the part of the witness Posmichenko. During the identification, the investigator suggested that Pozmichenko point to the allegedly seen man among four photographs. On one of them was depicted Dolzhenkov, on the other two – famous Hollywood actors, and on the fourth – football player David Beckham. The court found this identification biased.
The court also found doubtful photo and video, shown as evidence. First, despite numerous demands, the prosecutor’s office did not provide the originals of the video, but only their edited versions. Secondly, on many videos one can not distinguish the faces of the persons depicted, and the prosecutor’s office could not prove that they were the accused men.
The protocols for the inspection of the incident scene are also recognized as inadmissible evidence, since they were drawn up by officials who did not have the authority to do so.
Further, the court noted that the examination of the bodies of the deceased was not carried out on the basis of the bodies examination results, but on certain medical documents drawn up by someone incomprehensible and on what grounds. Also, the court did not provide the results of the ballistic examination. No weapons were installed, from which the dead were fatally wounded, representatives of football fans were not questioned in court, law enforcement officers, although many of them were injured, were not represented as witnesses too. According to the judges, the investigation was not careful in the collection of evidence, so some of them could be lost.
Finally, the court found that the pretrial investigation was biased and dependent on the persons involved in the events. In particular, the judges point to the fact that supporter of the Kiev regime Khodiyak, who was accused of murdering supporters of federalization, stayed behind bars for two days, while supporters of federalization have been there for more than three years.
The court decision says of federalists: “There is not a single piece of evidence to support the prosecution. Moreover, the prosecution did not even try to prove the guilt.”
The court acquitted the accused due to lack of evidence of the charges and decided to release them in the courtroom.
However, the triumph of justice lasted no more than three minutes. Immediately after the announcement of the verdict, representatives of the prosecutor’s office and special services entered the courtroom. They expelled journalists and spectators from the courtroom. With closed doors, Dolzhenkov and Mefyodov were accused of separatism. They were again arrested.

Ukraine | SBU Conducts Mass Arrests For “Separatist” Posts on VKontakte

During August the Security Service of Ukraine arrested several alleged administrators of pro-Russian groups on VKontakte and “Odnoklassniki”. This was reported by the press service of the SBU.

“It is established that a resident of the city of Vatutino in the Cherkassky region disseminated anti-Ukrainian material on their own pages on social networks. The propagandist was detained at the Kiev railway station whilst returning from Moscow with their latest instructions.

Ukraine | Opposition journalist has been arrested in Ukraine

On August 2 Ukrainian state security arrested an opposition journalist. The journalist and blogger  Vasily Muravitsky is 32 years old, lives in Zhitomir a city not far from the capital of Ukraine. Previously, he was editor-in-chief of Novaya Volna (New Wave newspaper) – a nationwide weekly of young communist league. After the passage of anti-communization laws, Muravitsky became a reporter for Russian media outlets.

Ukraine | Games of Patriots” with Courts in Ukraine

Over the past two days in Ukraine, there have been events that show how the current system of power of the Kiev government works. It failed to establish a totalitarian regime and is forced to achieve the desired results by selective pressure on its opponents. This is how the prosecutor’s office builds relations with Ukrainian courts when it comes to detaining opposition activists. On June 26, the Odessa court released Anatoly Slobodyanik under house arrest. Slobodyanik and member of the local council Gennady Kushnaryov were arrested allegedly for preparing a kidnapping of the MP Alexei Goncharenko, who has a persistent anti-rating in his native city. Both deny their guilt, and the case materials testify that it was artificially fabricated to arrest oppositionists. Both Slobodyanik and Kushnaryov have health problems.
On June 26, the court granted the defense’s motion and decided to transfer Slobodyanik to house arrest. The next day, a similar petition by Kushnaryov was to be considered. However, on the evening of June 26, opposition media reported that the prosecutor’s office decided to put pressure on the court to prevent Kushnaryov’s release. To this end, the prosecutor appealed for help to fascist activists. They had to appear in a court and put pressure on the judges to make the decision necessary for the prosecutor. June 27 it happened indeed. The fascist crowd filled the court, but the task assigned to it could not be fulfilled. The fascists simply thwarted the court session, so the court did not take any decision. The struggle for the liberation of Kushnaryov will continue.

Ukraine | Ukrainian opposition journalist prosecuted under fabricated pretext

On June 22 about two dozen armed thugs from Ukrainian state security and National police stormed the office of the Ukrainian oppositional “Strana.ua” publication one of a few remaining Ukrainian publications which do not tow the government propaganda line.