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Ukraine | Odessa: new wave of arrests

Ukrainian political police continue its usual work and arrests every possible opponent to the Kiev regime. Its activity is high in the regions with disloyal population. Odessa region is one of them. During last month SBU (Ukrainian name of state security) arrested three persons accused of propaganda in social networks and fake spying against Ukraine.

Ukraine | Political repression in Ukraine: summary statistics

In response to a request from Ukrainian journalists, the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) reported that 1505 people were arrested for crimes against national security between 2014 and 30 November 2017. This information was published by the agency “Ukrainian National News” in December 2017.
“Investigators of the Security Service of Ukraine since February 2014 till November 30 this year investigated (investigate) 15 236 criminal productions about crimes against the bases of national security and defense of Ukraine, encroachment on its territorial integrity and inviolability, terrorism, other serious crimes by 3603 people, 1505 of whom were arrested,” – the reply to the inquiry tells.
Also SBU reported that the courts sent indictments against 1888 people who are participants of terrorist organizations and illegal paramilitary groups, traitors, accomplices of terrorists and committed others crimes against Ukraine.
It is also noted that 640 people were found guilty of committing crimes against the state and people of Ukraine, they are sentenced to different terms of imprisonment.
Also, the agency “Ukrainian National News” reports that in Ukraine, in the first half of the year 2017, 51 people were convicted of undermining national security. This information was provided to the agency by the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine.
On charges of committing crimes against the bases of national security of Ukraine, only three people received an acquittal.
Totally in the first half of 2017, there were 264 productions in the Ukrainian courts under these articles against 435 persons. During this period a total of 71 cases were examined.

Ukraine | Resident of Odessa region arrested on accusation of separatism

Employees of the SBU detained a resident of Berezovka in the Odessa region who spread anti-Ukrainian materials on Russian social networks. This was reported by the press center of the department.

“Law enforcement bodies recorded that the man regularly posted on his personal pages anti-Ukrainian materials with calls to change the borders and the constitutional system of Ukraine, and popularized the terrorist organizations DPR/LPR. The operatives of the special service documented that the agitator obtained information from the curator of the territories that are temporarily occupied by militants and spread it for a fee,” it is said in the statement of the SBU.

Ukraine | One more arrested: Ukrainian state security has been hunting for journalists

On September 28, Ukrainian special services detained journalist Pavel Volkov in Zaporozhe, who did not agree with the policy of nationalism and neo-Nazism pursued by Kiev.
As reported in the Security Service, the detainee in 2014-2016 allegedly worked in the Donetsk people republic’s social communications committee, “where he prepared and then placed on the separatist Internet resources, various illegal materials.” Thus, according to the special service, Volkov called for a change in the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukrainian borders and “provoked incitement to ethnic hatred.” At the same time, the state security emphasizes that this agitator received “assignments” and coordinated his work with curators from the Russian Federation who financed these sites.

Ukraine | New victims of political repression in Ukraine

The Berdichev court condemned two Ukrainian journalists for nine years of imprisonment.
In 2015, journalists of Channel 17 Dmitry Vasilets and Yevgeny Timonin were detained on charges of separatism. In particular, the investigation accused them of creating the channel “Novorossiya TV”. More precisely, being in Kiev, they, according to the investigation, created a corresponding page on the Youtube service. In addition, journalists made a trip to the Donbas in the Donetsk People’s Republic.
As the journalists themselves claimed, they do not have any relation to the TV channel and are not involved in either its formation, or in the creation and dissemination of information on this television channel.
Nevertheless, the court found Dmitry Vasilets and Yevgeny Timonin guilty of assisting a terrorist organization and sentenced both to nine years in prison.
The court read out the verdict in the absence of the defendants. Vasilets began to criticize the court decision during the announcement of the verdict. He was withdrawn from the courtroom on the orders of the judge. And Evgeny Timonin left the courtroom himself.