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USA | Breaking News: Nick Brana arrested during non-violent action with the Poor People’s Campaign

Nick Brana, a leader of the movement for a people’s party, has been arrested along with the Rev. William Barber II and 300 other protestors in a launch of the non-violent 40 days of moral action organized by the Poor People’s Campaign (PPC).

The arrests occurred on the northeast Capitol lawn in Washington D.C. after the protestors, led by Barber and his PPC co-chair the Rev. Liz Theoharis, shut down Independence Avenue. The street was closed for 90 minutes before police moved in to arrest the peaceful demonstrators for obstructing the main thoroughfare.

Poland | Protests in Poland enter third day

Anti-government rallies and counter-marches are planned in Poland on Sunday in a third day of protests as the country faces a political crisis sparked by planned new rules on media access to parliament.

Montenegro PM Accuses Opposition Over ‘Plot to Kill Him’

by Dusica Tomovic

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic told Pink M television on Wednesday that the main opposition pro-Russian Democratic Front was “part of the plot” to seize parliament and murder him after last month’s elections,

“I see their activity as participation in the preparation of my murder and to take away the independence of Montenegro. With that we will have to live, both them and I,” Djukanovic told Montenegrin branch of Serbia’s Pink TV, which is considered closed to the ruling parties in both Serbia in Montenegro.

Turkey | The will of 5 million Kurds under custody! Free the HDP deputies now!

This statement by leadership of Revolutionary Worker’s Party (Turkey) was published on 4 November, immediately after the police raids on the homes of the HDP MPs for the Turkish audience in Turkish. It was translated into English by several comrades.The footnotes are by editor. 

Venezuela | The Truth About Venezuela’s Opposition

Western journalists can’t admit that Venezuela’s opposition is neither democratic nor peaceful.


For the corporate media, “blue lives” seem to matter in a lot of places. Just not in Venezuela.