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Thailand | Thailand: Result of General Election Produces Stalemate and Deadlock

by Joseph Adams

The result of the general election in Thailand on March 24th has produced a stalemate and deadlock between the two main parties in Thailand. The Palang Pracharat Party (PPRP), led by Prime Minister Prayut-chan-ocha and supported by the military, claimed to have won the popular vote. However, officially, the bourgeois populist Pheu Thai Party, which has won every general election in Thailand, has won 137 seats in the lower House of Representatives and is, again, the biggest party represented.

The update of the parliamentary election in Moldova: the results after processing 98.93% of the minutes

By Maria Dulgher

After the processing of 98.93% of the minutes the results of the parliamentary election in the Republic of Moldova show that 4 political parties will enter the future Parliament on the national constituency, according to Central Electoral Commission (CEC):

  1. the Party of Socialists of Moldova (PSRM) – 31.33%
  2. the electoral bloc ACUM – 26.44%
  3. the Democratic Party of Moldova(DPM) – 23.82%
  4. the “Șor” Party – 8.38%

Under the electoral threshold remained the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) – 3.76% and the Liberal Party – 1.24% of the votes. These political parties were part of the previous Moldovan parliament.

Spain | What the snap election could mean for Spain, Catalonia and Brexit

by Matthew Bennett

Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez has called a snap national election for April. Matthew Bennett explores what the possible outcomes could be for Spain and the impact that Brexit could have on the election campaign.

Four parties agree on forming a government in Iraq

Following the elections held on May 12, eyes are now on the probable government to be formed in Iraq.

Before the announcement of the results of the elections, a broad-based coalition agreement had been made between Muqtada al-Sadr’s Sayirun alliance, Haidar al-Abadi’s Nasr list, Shia leader Ammar al-Hakim’s Hikma (National Wisdom Movement) list and Ayad Allawi’s Wataniya list.

Shi’ite-Communist coalition wins most seats in Iraq election

In Iraq’s recent parliamentary elections, the Sairoun (Forward) Alliance, whose main partners are the political forces of Shi’ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and the Iraqi Communist Party, won the largest number of seats. In the interview below, Salam Ali, the international secretary of the Iraqi Communist Party, explains how Sairoun came out on top.