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Ukraine | UN: There is no progress in the investigation of the Odessa massacre

The the United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine reproached the law enforcement agencies for the lack of progress in the investigation of the shooting at the “Maidan” in 2014 and the tragedy of May 2 in Odessa. This was reported by the head of mission Fiona Fraser during the presentation of the 21st mission report.
“Four years after the events of the Maidan in Kiev, we still do not see significant progress in the investigation and bringing those responsible for these events to justice,” she said. The same, according to her, concerns the tragedy of May 2 in Odessa. “Relatives of the dead need justice – this is the main element in combating the atmosphere of lawlessness,” Fraser emphasized.
The UN mission also expressed concern over the existing pressure on the judicial system in the country, intimidation and criminal prosecution of judges in resonant cases.

Greece | Greek football fans remember Odessa martyrs

February 15 Greek football fans counteracted Ukrainian fascists. Greece has strong anti-fascist trends in football fan movement, while racists and far right completely occupied Ukrainian stadiums.

Greek fans from the Antifa Block of AEK team hung out for the match AEK – Dynamo banner of this content:
“Odessa 02.05.2014 – Never forget, never forgive!
Solidarity with anti-fascist resistance in Ukraine and in the Donbas!
– AEK Antifa Blok »
On the other banner is written in Russian: “1942 – Start, 2018 – D Kiev. You do not respect your story yourself.”
This banner refers to the legendary Death Match played in the Nazi-occupied Kiev in the summer of 1942 between local and German teams. Most of the Ukrainian players favored the club of Dynamo Kyiv. Some time after this game, a number of football players were put in concentration camps, and some were shot.
On other banners the following slogans were written:
“Love AEK, hate racism!”
“Kick the fascists out of football!”
Unfortunately, the legendary Dynamo Kiev team, once a pride of Soviet Ukraine, is now controlled by fascists and fans of the KKK. Their ultras became notorious for their Nazi salutes, swastikas, white sheets of the KKK and racist attacks on the “non-whites”.
All this is well known abroad, and for those who did not know, the hooligans of the Dynamo helped them find out when they attacked the Russian-speaking people who were accidentally met in the center of Athens before the match.

USA | NATO: Moving Ever Closer Toward Russia

By Phil Wilayto

When the North American Treaty Organization, or NATO, was founded on April 4, 1949, it had 12 members: the U.S., Canada and 10 Western European countries. By then the wartime cooperation with the Soviet Union was long over and NATO was essentially an anti-Soviet military/political alliance.

Ukraine | Monika Karbowska interdite en Ukraine

par Danielle Bleitrach

Voici la lettre que notre amie Monika Karbowska adresse à un certain nombre d’entre nous avec mission de la diffuser , dans ce pays où les défilés à la gloire des nazis et des collaborateurs ukrainiens deviennent habituels, dans ce pays où en toute impunité on brôle 46 personnes dans la maison des syndicats et où après ce crime seules les « mères » des victimes sont inquiétées, dans ce pays où le communisme est interdit, réprimé pour mieux exalter les nazis, le tout avec la bénédiction de BHL et bien d’autres russophobes y compris trotskistes(alors qu’en Ukraine les trotskistes sont également réprimés par les fachos), une communiste ne peut franchir la frontière. Notez que c’est en tant que française (pas polonaise) que Monika est refoulée, qu’en disent les autorités françaises?

Ukraine | Night arbitrariness in Odessa

On the night of 18 to 19 September the struggle continued in the case of the May massacre in Odessa. Three supporters of federalization became victims of new arbitrariness.

After acquittal, one of federalism supporters was attacked by the fascists. Ukrainian fascists were going to lynch supporters of federalization acquitted by the court. Therefore, the police took 15 people from the courtroom by bus and released them outside the city. One of the released was not lucky. He somehow fell to the fascists’ eyes: they attacked him and smashed his head with a metal object. The victim was hospitalized.
The same night the fate of Russian citizen Yevgeniy Mefyodov was decided. The court arrested him for 60 days on charges of separatism. At the same time Mefyodov was unable to use the services of his lawyer: he was defended by a free public defender. Mefyodov claimed that his right to defense was violated, but the court rejected these applications.
On a similar charge a Ukrainian citizen Oleg Dolzhenkov was arrested, but he managed to resort to the services of his permanent lawyer. The lawyer easily managed to prove that the demands of the investigative bodies are absurd. Nevertheless, the court ruled to arrest Dolzhenkov, turning the meeting into a farce.
First of all, according to the investigation, Dolzhenkov demonstrated an evil intent against the Ukrainian state when on March 28, 2014 he organized an auto rally devoted to the anniversary of Nikolayev city liberation from the Nazi invaders. Thus, the celebration of such events according to the version of the Kiev regime is equal to a crime.
Secondly, the investigation and the prosecutor considered the slogans “Forward, Slavs, Russian, forward!” and “Glory to heroes-Olshantsy!” as separatist appeals. Olshantsy means members of the detachment of Senior Lieutenant Olshansky, who landed in March 1944 in the port of Nikolayev and began an operation to liberate the city. Thus, the investigation believes that the glorification of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War is equal to an attempt on the Ukrainian statehood.
Dolzhenkov’s lawyer asked not to place her client in custody. In particular, she noted that Dolzhenkov was illegally detained by members of the Security Service and the prosecutor’s office, who had not the appropriate authority. Investigative bodies actually kidnapped Dolzhenkov without informing her about the client’s location. She found out about him by accident. The lawyer noted that the event her client accused of occurred in March 2014, while criminal proceedings were opened only in January 2015. Moreover, the investigative actions began only in November 2016, and for all this time the investigation find no significant evidence of the guilt of Dolzhenkov. Moreover Dolzhenkov and Mefyodov were only witnesses in the case.
The decisive argument for the court was the threat of fascists, who were in the courtroom. They said that if Dolzhenkov was released, they would “try him by Lynch’s court”, and the responsibility for that would lie with the judge. The lawyer of the accused only accidentally found out about the location of his client, while several dozen fascists without any problems came to the right place. This testifies to the conspiracy of the prosecutor’s office and the Ukrainian fascists in the fight against the freedom-loving people of Odessa.