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Ukraine | Court starts announcement of the verdict in Odessa massacre case

Local media report that on September 18 the announcement of the court verdict in the case on May 2 will begin.
On May 2, 2014, the Ukrainian fascists crushed the tent camp of federalization supporters in Odessa. Escaping from the aggressive crowd, they took refuge in the House of Trade Unions. Fascists set fire to the building, and more than 40 people were killed. Adherents of the Kiev regime arrested 19 supporters of federalization and declared them responsible for the riots in the city. Five of the accused, including Sergei Dolzhenkov, whom the investigation considers their organizer, spent in custody almost three and a half years. Public activists in many countries round the world protested against the unilateral nature of the charges, but the Kiev regime did not bother.
Judges of four district courts of Odessa city refused to consider this case. Therefore, it passed to the city court of Illichyovsk, a city located near Odessa. On September 18, the court will begin to announce the verdict.
This was reported by the lawyers of the accused. Most likely, the announcement of the verdict will take several days.

Ukraine | An inside look at post-coup Ukraine

The colossal chaos, economic depression, and everyday violence that is now part of daily life in Ukraine have defied the expectations of even some of the most hardened critics of the regime which came to power during the Kiev coup of February 2014.

Ukraine | The case of May 2: the judges and defendants were outraged by the conduct of the prosecutor’s office

In Odessa, a lawsuit continues over the defendants in mass riots on May 2, 2014, which culminated in the burning of dozens of people in the House of Trade Unions. The accusation is made solely against the political opponents of the Kiev regime, i.e. the side that suffered the most from the May massacre. The trial is artificially prolonged all the time. After the transfer of the case to the city court of Ilichevsk (renamed by the Kiev regime in Chernomorsk), the lawsuit accelerated and the court came close to the final stage of the case.
However, the rapid completion of the process is not a part of the Prosecutor’s Office’s plans. On August 31 and September 1, prosecutors refused to participate in the trial, referring to the disease. For example, on September 1, representatives of the state prosecution ignored the meeting under the pretext of ill health: a disease simultaneously struck both representatives of the prosecutor’s office. Also, there were no other employees capable of supporting the prosecution’s position in court. In this regard, the prosecutor’s office of the Odessa region has submitted an appeal to the court requesting that the case be adjourned on May 2 until the leading case of prosecutors is recovered.
The appeal provoked outrage among both the judges and the defendants.

Ukraine | Odessa residents commemorate the victims of the May massacre

May 2, 2014 Ukrainian fascists burned several dozen residents of Odessa who opposed the establishment of the ultra-right regime in Ukraine and demanded the transformation of Ukraine into a federal state. Since then, Odessa residents have massively commemorated the victims of fascist terror.
The Kiev regime traditionally perceives such actions as a manifestation of civil protest and is furious because Odessa is politically disloyal. In this regard, every year approaching May 2, it perceives as a threat to the domination and conducts campaigns of intimidation. 2017 was no exception.
Two weeks before the commemoration, the Council of Mothers of the May 2 wrote to American human rights defenders:

USA | Odessa Solidarity Day

American human right defenders and anti-war activists organized a world campaign of solidarity with Odessa. Odessa is a city located at the Northern coast of the Black see. Previously it was known mainly as a cultural and trade center. But in the last years Odessa has appeared in the news as a place of fascist crime and political repression. Three years ago, on May 2, Ukrainian neo-fascists burned alive 46 political opponents. Since that time, the Kiev government that relies on fascists’ support has sabotaged an investigation of this crime and oppressed victims’ relatives as well as progressive residents of Odessa who have been demanding justice.